I play so many characters and at some point they'll be talked about here in some way or another. So here is a simple listing of each of my characters.

Simplyblue ~ 85 Dreanei Enhancement Shaman ~ This is my main, my favorite toon, the one I've played since half way through BC and I love!

Shamoi ~ 80 Dwarf Assassination Rogue ~ This is my first every character. She was my first 60 and first 70. I retired her mid way through BC when I feel in love with playing my shaman. She's only just recently been leveled to 80.

Simplyazure ~ 82 Night Elf Restoration Druid ~ I rarely play my druid anymore as I find I really suck at healing. I don't like making tons of macros and such to do it properly and I get frustrated if I let someone die. So I just don't play her that much.

Simplycyan ~ 85 Dreanei Beast Master Hunter ~ My hunter is one of my more favorite alts though I still don't play her that often anymore. She has what I consider to be the best looking pet in the game, Skoll. I'm a bit biased though as my favorite color is blue.

Simplyindigo ~ 80 Human Demonology Warlock ~ This is another alt that I just don't play that much anymore. I tend to go in spurts with my toons. I level them and play them a lot but about the time they get the best gear I can get them at the time I get bored with them and move on.

Deathlyblue ~ 80 Dreanei Death Knight ~ Currently she doesn't have a spec. Originally she was a Frost Tank and she still has tank gear though its crappy, but I just can't decide what, if anything, I want to do with her now. I love the idea of her being frost, but now that tanks have to use the Blood tree I just don't know. I havee to decide on if I want to keep her a tank or go frost dps. But since I'm a crappy tank just as I'm a crappy healer I don't play her that much.

Xantha ~ 85 Dreanei Shadow Priest ~ This is by far my favorite alt to play which is obvious by the fact that she's my second best geared character. I also love love love the name. I love melting faces with her. I also have a level 71 Blood Elf Shadow Priest on another server. The blood elf was my original priest with the same name, but I transferred her to another server so that I could make an Alliance priest on my main server.

Accalia ~ 85 Worgen Protection Warrior ~ I love the worgens! But I'm a crappy tank, but I'm determined to keep her as a tank.

Yennifer ~ 80 Blood Elf Arcane Mage ~ I enjoy my mage from time to time and its nice escaping to the Horde side every once in a while. I don't play her all that much anymore but she is fun from time to time.

Cyri ~ 80 Blood Elf Retribution Paladin ~ This pally was originally a dreanei but I faction changed her to play more on the horde side for a while. I actually leveled her as Protection through dungeons but switched to ret at 80 to try and gear up. She still has the worst gear of all my toons though as I'm just not that good at playing a paladin.

Zandranna ~ 80 Human Assassination Rogue ~ This rogue is actually on separate server from all the ones listed above. I made her on a whim on an RP server and didn't really expect to level her all the way to 80. But then they hubby made a toon on the server with me and off we went. I actually got her to 80 long before Shamoi ever got there.

I also have a variety of other alts spread out across servers, though the highest is level 71. I have a level 44 gnome mage on my main server that will be deleted soon so that I can make a Worgen. I'll probably make a warrior as that is the only class I don't have an 80 of yet.

So as you can see I'm very addicted to the game and a bit of an altaholic.

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