Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Life Update

So I figured I'd take a few minutes to post an update about what has been going on. It seems like I've been busy yet when I think about I can't really thing of much. We've been going to the zoo most every weekend since I bought a membership. I have taken more lovely pictures of the animals but to be honest they are not much different than the ones I've already shared.

This past weekend we went to the Mosley Street Melodrama and caught their uncensored show. Was very good and will have to do it again. No pictures from that, and even if I had some they wouldn't be appropriate to share! We'll probably wait until the Christmas show starts though.

We also hit up the local Renaissance Fair the weekend before which was a lot of fun. The hubby bought a replica of the sword "Sting" from Lord of the Rings. And I got a sunburn! Here are a few pictures from it...






And it seems you can't have a Renaissance Fair anymore with out the Doctor showing up.


I also made a cake for a friend who has a lot of food allergies. Here are the ingredients I used...


And here is the finished product...


She let me know that it was terrible! I tried, I really tried! She's going to try and see if she can improve it. I gave her the recipe I used as well as the original that I altered. I hope she can figure out a way to make it work.

And as a finale, here is my niece, Rylee. She insisted on being able to carry the chair herself even though it is nearly the same size as her. She did a good job of it too!


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