Friday, October 24, 2014

Exercise (or lack there of) Update - October 24


This past month has not been a good month. I've not posted any updates recently because there simply hasn't been any progress on my end. At the moment my weight is nearly exactly where it was a month ago. In fact some days it is up. I simply have not been able to get below 290lbs. But it is my own fault. The image above explains some of it. If I have a bad day I end up just going ahead and making it a "really" bad day. And I need to stop doing that.

The other issue is that my walking has been sporadic at best. Several weeks ago the hubby got sick and we slacked off walking until he felt better. Then shortly after that he sprained his knee trying to start running. He was barely able to walk for about 2 weeks. And because I don't like to walk alone I of course wasn't walking either. His knee has been better for a couple of weeks now but we've not gotten back into walking regularly. We've been going to the zoo on the weekend still, we've even increased it to both Saturday and Sunday but when that is basically all we are doing during the week it isn't enough.

I can't even blame the weather. It has been absolutely beautiful here. Temps in the mid to upper 70s, sunshine, just near perfect. I've been trying to walk more during my lunch again to make up for us not walking in the evenings but even that isn't working out as I'd like. The last two times that I've gone I've only been able to manage one lap through the parking garage instead of my normal two. I'm starting to get shin splints and by the time I'm half way through the first lap I can barely keep going. In my mind I want to keep going but I can't force my legs to actually keep moving.

I wonder if it is because of the ramps in the garage? They are not terribly steep and I've been walking in there because it does give more of a work out than just walking down the street but I'm thinking I need to change tactics for a while. Today I'm going to skip the garage and just walk outside, maybe see if I can make it to the park and back before my lunch break is up. If I can make a 40 minute walk on flat ground I may have to go back to just that for a while and save the garage for when the weather actually turns colder.

Even to me all of this sounds like just a bunch of excuses and that I should just get off my duff, work through the pain and use some will power when my husband comes home with a bag of candy. I keep telling myself this. Every day I tell myself this. I look at my weight and I tell myself "it your own fault those numbers are not moving". I know it is, but there are still days when I simply can't make myself do anything, no matter how much I know I should.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Life Update

So I figured I'd take a few minutes to post an update about what has been going on. It seems like I've been busy yet when I think about I can't really thing of much. We've been going to the zoo most every weekend since I bought a membership. I have taken more lovely pictures of the animals but to be honest they are not much different than the ones I've already shared.

This past weekend we went to the Mosley Street Melodrama and caught their uncensored show. Was very good and will have to do it again. No pictures from that, and even if I had some they wouldn't be appropriate to share! We'll probably wait until the Christmas show starts though.

We also hit up the local Renaissance Fair the weekend before which was a lot of fun. The hubby bought a replica of the sword "Sting" from Lord of the Rings. And I got a sunburn! Here are a few pictures from it...






And it seems you can't have a Renaissance Fair anymore with out the Doctor showing up.


I also made a cake for a friend who has a lot of food allergies. Here are the ingredients I used...


And here is the finished product...


She let me know that it was terrible! I tried, I really tried! She's going to try and see if she can improve it. I gave her the recipe I used as well as the original that I altered. I hope she can figure out a way to make it work.

And as a finale, here is my niece, Rylee. She insisted on being able to carry the chair herself even though it is nearly the same size as her. She did a good job of it too!


Monday, September 22, 2014

My New Activity Tracker

For a while now I've wanted to buy an activity tracker, one that I can wear on my wrist. Pedometers require  you to remember to attach them to your clothing and I'm not good about remembering stuff like that. Problem is there are still a lot of choices when it comes to wearable activity trackers. Some of the most popular are Jawbone and Fitbit and I was looking seriously at the Runtastic Orbit since I use their apps but I kept waffling on which one I wanted. The Runtastic one is completely water proof and comes with 2 bands and the ability to put it into a clip if you want. But I had also been looking at the Samsung Gear Fit which is what I have decided to go with.
It is part activity tracker, part smart phone assistant. It is a pedometer and workout tracker and has a built in heart rate monitor, but it also has a timer, a stop watch, and can control some of the apps and media on my phone. So, while I'll still need my phone with me for GPS and music while working out, I can control all of it from my wrist and not have to dig my phone out of my pocket. I can also check text messages and emails from it, as well as see incoming calls. Though I can't answer or reply to any of it. But it allows me to know if I need to rush across the apartment for my phone when it starts ringing or if I can just let it go. All alerts are accompanied by it vibrating. It also has sleep tracking like so many of the others and ties into my phones alarms which is really nice since I use my phone as an alarm clock. When the alarm goes off it simply buzzes me awake.

It is very light weight and I can change the background to anything I want as I have already done. The clock can be changed to look different and there are more apps you can get to change it farther. It is also water and dust resistant and the main piece pops out of the band to allow for other colors if desired.
The reason I decided to go with this one even though it currently doesn't connect with the Runtastic apps is because like a phone or tablet, it can receive updates. Which means that's its functionality will continue to improve without me having to buy a new one.
The only issue I'm having is that I've not worn a watch or bracelet regularly for so long that it feels out of place on my wrist. But that is something that I will get used to with time so I am very happy with it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Running Shoes

This is getting serious! Hubby and I decided since we will be running a 5k and in general trying to actually jog that we needed real shoes that are made to do the job! 
These are what I got, Saucony Ride 7. The picture doesn't do them justice as the colors are a lot brighter. The yellow is very neon. Brian got a different brand and his are neon orange. They didn't have black ones in his size but he says he's ok with the orange. As for me, I'm just glad mine are not hot pink!
They are going to take a bit for me to get used to as I've not worn shoes that actually have laces in a couple of years. Plus these go up around my ankle more (as they should) than what I am used to. It's new all around but I am determined!
I actually jogged a very short distance in them last night and was happy that I was able to. It's been so long since I've tried to do any running that I wasn't sure my body would remember how! But it did. So soon we'll be starting a C25K program to get us up to being able to at least job a full 5k even if we can't flat out run it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Resolution Run Part 1

379259d4c97ef32e448cc27426e523bd5e0039e.As my husband and I are working to lose weight I keep thinking about starting a Couch to 5k program. The problem is that unless I have an actual 5k to go run at the end I'm not going to stay motivated to keep it up. Knowing this about myself I started wondering how to go about finding a 5k event.
Over the Labor Day weekend my sister and brother-in-law answered the question for me when they told me about the Resolution Run. It is a 5k event happening on December 31, 2014. It is part of a larger event encompassing 3 5k runs and a half marathon. My sister said that they will be running this 5k so we decided to join them. We will not be doing all of the events, that is just way to much all at once.
They told us about another 5k happening in October, but we decided that isn't far enough down the road for us to properly get ready for it. The end of December is just under 4 months from now. We can currently walk for 3 miles fairly easy doing approximately a 3mph pace. Not bad for where we are now but I haven't done any proper jogging let alone running in years. So my goal for this 5k is to complete it in 30 minutes. That will be doubling our currently pace and I really hope we'll be able to get to that in just 4 months. It won't be a big deal if we aren't able to go that fast, just finishing it will be an accomplishment but I want to try. Also, it sounds to be a good time.
The reason my brother-in-law is particularly interested in doing this 5k is because it is also a Beer Run and he loves his beer. They give you a stein at the start and at check points along the way you get to fill it with beer to drink as you go. I don't know how much beer I'll drink but I'll do it just for the stein. I'm a bit of a sucker for a freebee.
So this is my new goal on top of just getting in shape. A goal to help reach a goal. After the new year I'll post Part 2 and relate how it all turned out.
If you happen to live in the Wichita area and want the join, the run is being hosted by Go Run Wichita and more information can be found HERE.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I'm Finding Fit

At the end of June my parents set the date for our family cruise next year. This event has been the catalyst I've needed to finally get off my butt and start getting healthy. I am at least 150lbs over weight and I want to be able to enjoy the vacation next year. Now I don't plan to lose it all before then as that would not be healthy, but I would like to lose at least 50lbs before then. That is 1lb a week over the course of a year. So far I have managed to lose about 20lbs. It's a good start and I hope to keep it up. Sharing helps keep me motivated.

Before: June 28, 2014  307lbs                  Current: September 1, 2014  292lbs
fa815041713148ce39adf00d4175f2725747aa7.   bed350194ce37a3934dc4c22c29becbd40f2fd3.

My husband and I have been doing our best to walk at least 30 minutes 3 times a week. Some weeks we manage to do more others less. We are using myfitnesspal to log our food so that we make sure to not over eat, at least not often. And we are using Runtastic pedometer to log our walking. It all helps keeps me going.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Day at the Zoo

Here in Wichita we have one of the top 25 Zoo's in the country. Not sure exactly where it ranks but it is a wonderful zoo. If you are ever in Kansas you should check it out. Last weekend and this weekend we were able to get into the zoo at a huge discount so we were able to actually go and have a nice walk around. Normally it is too expensive for us because well, we're poor, so I was really happy to get to go. I'm a bit like a kid in a candy shop and I love to take pictures of the animals. I took about 100 the first day and a few more the next week of a few animals that were in better positions or more active. Because I took so many I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

I happen to be a big fan of the cats, so I have a ton of pictures of them. But I'll start with my Lion King pictures as I like to call them!





Now for some others :)

A Kookaburra


I don't remember what this was called, but I thought it was really pretty.


This looks like a giant red fox but is actually a maned wolf.


This guy was just sitting beside the path waiting to have his picture taken!


Giraffe of course.


Momma Tiger


Daddy Tiger


Red Panda


Black Bear


More birds from Australia




I thought it was super cute that the hippo was sleeping with his face against the glass!


This is an Okapi, it is the only known relative of a giraffe.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Learning Something New

So apparently I'm all about change right now. Or something. In addition to trying to lose weight I've decided to learn a new language. While going through the Yuku Support forums the other day I came across a link left by Arizona for duolingo. It is a language learning program much like Rosetta Stone only it is completely free. You can do it on the computer or via app on your phone or tablet. I've decided to start with German since I took a few years of it in high school, a semester in college and spent 18 days there one summer. With all of that I still only know a few words and phrases and not even very well. When I first started on it, I tried to test out of the first lesson. Half way through I realized that I needed to just start from the beginning because I wasn't getting very many of the questions right. So I am currently learning some new words, remembering ones I used to know and still trying to figure out how to spell all of it!

The other neat thing about this is that it is part game, part social. If you have friends that use it, you can connect and track how each other are doing and if you like, make a competition out of it. I talked my husband into putting it on his phone also though he has decided to do Spanish as he feels that would be the most useful to him. I'll probably do Spanish second if I do a second one. So we are connected on there and of course he has passed me already in the number of courses he's finished. Today he told me he purchased (with the in app currency, not real money, that you earn as you complete lessons) the "flirt" package so that he can learn to ask me out in Spanish. I might do that with the German if I ever earn enough to buy it just so that we can be silly together.

Re-learning German is something that I've been wanting to do for a long while and I know Brian has been wanting to learn Spanish. We had planned on saving up to buy Rosetta Stone once he starts working again but if this works just as well it will save us a good chunk of money.
If anyone else decides to join, or if you just want to watch my progress, you can view my profile here:

So far I'm having fun with it. It gives a mixture of you translating from German, or translating to German, simply selecting the words from a list and speaking it. So even though you are repeating the same words a lot, it is presented in different ways that make it interesting. And they have a lot of languages to choose from.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Time to Change

27e25904ee70e383446cb380e154eec37effb18.Over the last several years I've gained weight. A significant amount of weight. I realized that I was gaining but didn't pay attention to it. I was happy with my life so it didn't matter. I'm still happy with my life but I've realized that if I don't make some changes it won't always be happy. I've actually known this for quite some time now, but I've not found the motivation to actually do anything about it. Any reason that I could come up with to lose weight was always one that I could put off or shrug off as not really all that important. But now my parents have decided they are taking the entire family on a cruise next summer. That gives me a little less than one year to lose some weight. I don't really have to weight to go on the cruise but I know I'll be able to have a lot more fun and do more things if I do lose some weight.

So I've made a commitment to myself to lose at least 50lbs before the cruise. My over all goal is much larger, 150 total, but I'm starting with a goal that I know is not only attainable and reasonable, but healthy. My weight when I started this was at 307lbs though my high was closer to 315lbs (which is why the widget on this blog says I've lost 12lbs rather than just the 4lbs I've recorded so far). My ultimate goal is to get to about 150lbs give or take, I still need to talk to my doctor about what my actual goal should be but I can get started.

This is not going to be easy for me. I'm good about starting things but never finishing. I get board or lazy. Already this week I've put off walking 2 days, telling myself that I've already walked 2 days this week, I only need to walk one more even though I know that a walk every day will help me even more. I'm doing my best to add support into my system this time. I'm doing my best to get my husband involved, I've got a couple of friends on to help keep me accountable with what I eat and I'll be actively updating my weight so that if it stops going down or starts going back up I can see it and do something about it. I really need someone, or several someones, to poke me every once in a while to keep me going in the right direction. At least until my willpower to succeed over comes my willpower to want to stay on the couch.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


A while back I decided that I needed something to set on the edge of the patio area of our apartment to keep people from using it as a short cut to their front doors. I decided that a long flower planter would do the trick and look really nice. Only problem is that I've had no money to buy anything of the sort. A few weeks ago I told my dad about it and what I would like. I didn't intent for him to make me anything but he then surprised me with this:


He made it himself out of the the posts he removed from their deck railing. He was replacing them with metal ones so that it will be safer for the grandkids so the wood would have gone to waste if he hadn't made something out of it. I'm so glad he thought of me and went this route. Now I just have the job of trying to keep the plants alive. The one in the middle is a geranium while the others are rose moss. It stands about a foot tall and is about 2 feet long. The little pot you see on the ground beside it is what is clinging to life of a daisy I got from my boss last year. I'm still trying to keep it alive but it desperately needs some fertilizer that I don't have and probably a bigger pot too. I don't think it was ever meant to last so long and I had though I had killed it a couple months ago and then more green showed up. Go figure. I love flowers, but I am terrible at keeping them alive!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


The past week our town has been having its annual Riverfest celebration, basically just a big party along the river that goes through town. You have to buy a button to get in and then there are a lot of free things to do. There are some not free things also.

I have a friend at work, Nikki, who told me before Riverfest started that she wanted to go paddle boating as it is her favorite thing. If you don't know what a paddle boat is, it is a small fiber glass or plastic boat that seats 2 people side by side. they have what is similar to bicycle pedals in front of each person that are used to turn a paddle to make the boat go with a small handle to steer it.

When Nikki told me about her desire she told me that she normally ends up having to go alone as she never has anyone to go with her. I thought about offering to go at the time but I was just getting over being sick. After the weekend passed and we were back at work I asked her if she had gone to which she told me no and wasn't sure if she was going to because she would have to go alone. Since I was feeling better I asked her if she would like for me to go with her. She brightened up but asked if I really wanted to. I said "Nikki, I want to go paddle boating, do you want me to go with you?" She still waffled a bit thinking I was just offering to be nice and I told her, "Nikki if you want to go we'll go, I'll call my husband right now and tell him he doesn't have to pick me up after work and we'll go as soon as we're off".  She still waffled a bit but told me that she had an extra button I could use so I wouldn't have to go buy one and I finally convinced her then she said tomorrow, my extra button is at home so we'll go after work tomorrow. I said ok and she said "It's a date!"

Turns out it was a good think we didn't go on Tuesday because they didn't have the boats running due to high winds. But they were going on Wednesday when we got there! Of course they make you put on a life vest. I know they have to, but I still felt silly since I've been swimming since I was in diapers. And the vest fit fine while I was standing, not so fine once I sat in the boat as it pushed up around my head. That along with the fact that my legs were a bit long to peddle properly made driving it difficult but we managed and had a really good time. We were out on the water for about 20 minutes until they told us we had to go back in as our turn was done. It was just as well because it was over 90 that day and we were getting really hot.

We spent some time just walking around looking at some of the other stuff going on but there were lines for everything. Then the ice cream social started where they gave out bowls of vanilla ice cream for free. I got a HUGE bowl and it was yummy! I wish Nikki could have had some but she has some crazy food allergies and pretty much can't eat anything she doesn't make herself so that she knows what's in it.

But it was a very good day and we both had a lot of fun! Now for a couple of pictures!


Waiting our turn...

And out on the river!


Saturday, May 31, 2014

Laundry Day

So my husband and I have to do our laundry at the public laundry room at our apartment complex because our washing machine broke a good 2 years ago and we can't afford to replace it. Anyway we went down to do our weekly chore found this posted to the bulletin board...


In case you can't read it, it says:
Dear A******,
I hope you enjoy my jeans, running shorts, dress shirt, tan sock, and black sock. I hope you're wearing them when you are met with karma.
Now I don't know about anyone else but we always sit on the nice comfortable couch that is provided down there and wait for our laundry to be done rather than just leave it. Obviously we are in the minority since we always see other loads running down there but never anyone else hanging around. What we find even funnier about all of this is the randomness of the taken items. It makes me think that these items were not taken but accidentally left behind or never brought to the wash in the first place. Especially after we found what seemed to be a pair of spandex shorts and a black sock left in one of the machines.

I just hope this person learned their lesson and doesn't leave their stuff unattended but I highly doubt it.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Scary Situation

56a15348723440c87c9d38c730f676837d51eb3.So yesterday was a bit scary. As you may or may not know, I work in a county government office that is housed inside of a courthouse. I do not work for the courts, I just work in the courthouse. Our building has security that every non-employee has to go through before being allowed into the building. Any guns, knives or other dangerous objects are confiscated.

I work on the third floor of an 11 story building. My desk sits in the hallway so that I can help direct all the lost souls and make sure they get where they need to go. The main reason I get so many lost people on my floor is that the city courthouse across the street has courtrooms on the 3rd floor over there. So I'm very exposed to anything that might happen.

Yesterday I was at my desk helping an employee set up a package for FedEx when all of a sudden a member of the Sheriff's office come dashing up to my desk from down the hallway.

"We have word of a man with a gun in the courthouse. Everyone needs to stay in their offices" This said with his arms waiving directing me to take cover in the back part of the office so that I'm not out in the open. I direct the person I was helping to shut the 2 large doors that are always propped open and lead into the back offices while I went through a conference room to warn the people in there not to come out except through the back exit. After doing that and telling the others in the office to stay put, I realized the employee that I had been helping hadn't stayed in the office and I couldn't figure out where he went. I couldn't leave so I just hopped he had gone to another office to hang out.

So we hung out for about 20 minutes until my boss came to me and asked how we were supposed to know when it was all clear. I told him I had no idea and then we heard the elevator ding. So we worked our way over to the conference where our only window the the hallway is and peaked out to see a lady getting ready to go into the office across the hall. So we stepped out and asked her how she got in the building. She said the police were still all outside and told her what was going on, but that they were still letting people into the building. My boss decided that since they are letting people in that the threat must be over so he headed down stairs to check with security and I started opening the office back up. He came back a few minutes later and said we were all clear.

I found out after that that the employee I had been helping closed the doors then went down the hall to sit in the Sheriff's patrol office that is there. Not a big deal, just wish he had told me.

Scary but everything turned out ok. They caught the guy at the city courthouse across the street. (I told you people get them confused right?) He was where he was supposed to be, but the person calling in the 911 call I guess didn't know there is more than one courthouse.

So that was my afternoon yesterday.