Saturday, May 26, 2012

Back to Work!

Time for an update! I am finally once again a part of the workforce! I've officially been back to work for 3 and a half weeks now. I'm an Executive Secretary for the County Manager's Office and I'm really enjoying it. I'm making a bit less money than I did at my previous job, but considering we pay less in rent here it makes up for it. I have to dress and look a lot nicer for this job, but that isn't such a bad habit to get into. Though that means I have to actually spend money on clothes and makeup. And shoes...oh how I loath shoes. Never anything cute in the big foot section, at least not at the stores I go to. I refuse to pay more than $30 for a pair of shoes that are just going to wear out in 6 months anyways. Only time I've spent more was in high school/college when I'd buy Doc Martins. $100 for a pair of shoes seems silly, but I'd wear a pair of those for 3 years, and I'm talking every day!

Bah, but enough about shoes. I think I need to get my hair cut again. It's nearly back to the length it was last year before I donated it. It would make drying it go a lot faster in the mornings. But I think I need some style to it. Nothing to complicated though. Needs to be something still about medium length that will look ok just blown out on a regular basis but not be this just plain straight cut that I have. I don't have time every morning to curl it. I also don't want to spend a fortune to get it cut. My $12 hair cuts, while effective, just are not as elegant. But I don't want to spend $50+ either just to have nice looking hair.


I'm full of complaints today huh? All I really wanted to do was share my good news, which I've now done. Maybe next time I'll have something more interesting to share.


  1. WTG matie. So please you are actually liking your job. Not often one can enjoy working.

  2. You should go to the girl who cuts my hair. She's awesome. I think she charges about $33 for a cut. That includes washing and styling.


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