Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Daughter the Economist

Contribution by Paula Gonzales
My daughter is taking an economics class in college and, while home one weekend, spent a good portion of a Saturday searching the internet. She had to present a comparative report on television and internet services and city infrastructure within three major cities across the United States. The first place she looked was It sounds like a boring report to me but she really gets into economics and statistics and she had a great time compiling the information she gathered. She wants to be an economist and I can see her working in Washington or at the state or federal level elsewhere, solving issues in education, health and the environment. Or she might be hired by a large corporation, research firm, or think tank, so to speak. She definitely enjoys analyzing data, conducting surveys, and preparing reports and charts. What sounds boring to some of us is quite exciting to those who love to analyze and solve problems. I am happy there are those people and I am happy that I am not one of them!

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