Monday, March 12, 2012


Posted by Arden Wallace

After eating dinner at our neighbor’s house the other day, we decided to compare cable companies. The reason I decided to look into it was because the neighbor’s told us how much they were paying for their service. It was a lot less expensive than our television price. After doing the comparison, I found a way to upgrade our service and actually save money by switching companies. So with the amount of money that I save every month now, I have started to put it away. I put it into a special account that I save money for Christmas gifts. It is not a ton of money every month, but each little bit adds up. I always find myself around the Christmas holidays with no money. I end up putting stuff on the credit card and end up taking almost an entire year to pay off. By the time Christmas rolls around this year, hopefully I will have a little chunk of changeand I will not have to put everything on the credit card this year!

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  1. I love saving money. I almost have enough for the awesome camera i want and a Wacom tablet. Yay!
    Yup, I'm selfish :) but besides being wanted items, they can be for work.


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