Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a week

So this last week was spring break. That  being said it obviously rained most of the week. But that isn't what made this week interesting for us.

On Monday we noticed that the carpet in the short hallway of our apartment. Now being that we are on the first floor of a two story building we knew it wasn't from the rain. We called in maintenance on Tuesday morning and they showed up quickly. Right away it was decided that our hot water heater had a leak in the bottom. So they spent a good part of the day taking the old one out and bringing in a new one. They left behind a fan to dry out the floor and since they tore out some of the padding under the carpet we were told to expect a visit from some people to come and replace it.

They showed up on Thursday to replace the padding. Went quick and they were out of here in no time. We thought that would be the end of it. We were wrong. That night on the way to bed I decided to check to make sure that it was dry since the carpet in the hall was still a bit wet when they replaced the padding. It still wasn't dry, in fact it felt wetter than it was that morning and the whole area leading back to the water heater. So once again the next morning I called maintenance. They came in again confused as to where the water could be coming from. They checked the apartment above and behind us to make sure there was no water leaking there and didn't find anything. Then they punched through the dry wall beside our water heater. The pipes there were wet and the one guy decided that it must be condensation. I didn't believe a bit of condensation would produce that much water in just a few hours over the course of an afternoon. They ended up pulling out our washing machine since it sits behind the water heater in another small room. They punched through the dry wall there too to find that the wall was soaked behind it. Now it wasn't coming from our machine or hook ups so the task came to finding out where it was coming from. After a while of searching they discovered that it was coming from the apartment above the one that's behind us. Turns out that its empty now but when the people moved out they left the washer connections on causing water to flow down through the wall into our apartment. So they turned that off and came back to let us know. Then the rest of the afternoon we had a guy in and out to replace the drywall and a fan going again to dry out the carpet. The carpet is still pulled up, but its dry now and hopefully tomorrow the carpet people will be back to stretch it back into place. Then maybe our apartment can get back to normal.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Posted by Arden Wallace

After eating dinner at our neighbor’s house the other day, we decided to compare cable companies. The reason I decided to look into it was because the neighbor’s told us how much they were paying for their service. It was a lot less expensive than our television price. After doing the comparison, I found a way to upgrade our service and actually save money by switching companies. So with the amount of money that I save every month now, I have started to put it away. I put it into a special account that I save money for Christmas gifts. It is not a ton of money every month, but each little bit adds up. I always find myself around the Christmas holidays with no money. I end up putting stuff on the credit card and end up taking almost an entire year to pay off. By the time Christmas rolls around this year, hopefully I will have a little chunk of changeand I will not have to put everything on the credit card this year!