Saturday, February 25, 2012

Such a Slacker

I've been a horrible slacker with posting here. Though really it probably has more to do with the fact that there really isn't much going on in my neck of the woods. Sadly I'm still unemployed though looking. I must say that I've been in a terrible funk. I don't have much to do each day other than fill out job applications. The games I play haven't been holding a lot of interest and I find myself sleeping quite a bit more than usual. I should try to get back into exercising but the problem is I don't find that fun or enjoyable either. My mind has a way of avoiding any activity that I find to be "boring".

That being said, I really don't have much else to say. Well, if you hear of any great paying jobs that don't require a lot of talent/experience, please let me know! Personally I'd love a work from home job, but I'm not holding my breath.

And just so that this post isn't completely dull and down here is a cute image for you. Enjoy!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Men Beware

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. Men, make sure you get your significant other something nice or this might happen...

Star Wars! legos!

Sunday Afternoons with My Dad

Written by my friend Betty Walls

My father and I enjoy watching golf together on Sunday afternoons. He can no longer play golf but he knows the game well and enjoys following the professionals from one tournament to the next. The great thing about expertsatellite is the many options for sports viewing. My dad and I talk about our favorite player, Phil Mickelson, and his family, as if we know him. A sports figure who comes into your home regularly through your television, just like any television show actor, becomes family to you. I feel as if I know Kathie Lee Gifford because she has been a part of my morning television viewing for years and years, first when she was on with Regis Philbin and now as the co-anchor with Hoda Kotbe on the fourth hour of the Today Show. Dad and I have a connection when we sit together and watch golf. I listen to him fuss about Tiger Woods and cheer on the underdog, even though his true loyalty lies with Phil. But the greatest result from those Sunday afternoon visits with my father is that we are spending time together. He likes to explain a new golf ruling to me or point out the new driver that one of the pros is using. He is teaching and I am learning!