Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Grease lightening!

Guest post written by Kenneth Peters

I always loved watching the movie Grease. I remember that my older sister took me to the movies to see it when I was younger. I think that if our parents found out at the time, I might have gotten in trouble, actually both of us! But I loved it even more over the years. Then when I heard that there was a touring Grease play coming to town, I thought that it might be fun for me and my sister to go and see it just like old times!

I looked onlien to see if I could find soem good discounted ticket prices and while I was doing that, I ran across some info on Miracle Ear. I actually passed it on to my sister because she kept talking about how she needed some hearing aids. So I listended to her and she actually got the hearing aids!
I was even more excited that she got them before we went to the play. I didn't want to have to repeat evertyhing that they said during the play!

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