Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cats Don't Care

I found this image ages ago and just thought I'd share. It really is true though. One of my cats follows me in nearly every time I use the bathroom. She's just there to be pet and knows I'm a captive audience for at least a few moments.


  1. Same with my little dog. He will often follow me into the loo, just for a petting.

  2. But it's even MORE fun and exciting when we decide to jump in your lap!

  3. LOL Sparkle!
    Normally my cat will either jump into the bathtub, jump to the back of the toilet, or sit and pretend to eat while I pet her. Occasionally though she will sit and meow at me until I pick her up for a cuddle.

  4. I suppose the cat doesn't have a sensitive nose?


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