Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh so Busy!

I've been wanting to make a new post for weeks but I've been holding off in the hopes that I'd have wedding pictures back. Alas I still don't have them.

We managed to get moved on the weekend of June 17th. It was a bit of an adventure in that we ended up having to drive 30 miles north of town to pick up the U-Haul truck as some lady decided she couldn't return a truck on time. We spent all day loading it up to the point that it was very late before we made it to the new place. We waited until the next day to unpack though we did managed to get the bed out that night. We also had to go back later in the week to clean and that took another full day. That's what happened when you live in a place for 3 years and are not a very good housekeeper.

The next weekend we had a bachelorette party for my youngest sister. We went to Texas Roadhouse and then to the Loony Bin to watch The Sandman who is a comedic hypnotist. It was a really good night and even though I didn't think I had that much to drink I was still hungover the next day.

The 4th of July was fairly uneventful. We went to my parents for the day and went swimming. Then in the evening we watched my nephews and the neighborhood shoot off fireworks. The town has a restriction that only fireworks that do not fly over 6 feet in the air are allowed yet we saw tons and tons of huge night works going off. It was beautiful.

On Thursday the 7th, my youngest sister got married in a lovely outdoor ceremony at the local botanical garden. The only thing that would of made it better would have been if it hadn't been so darn hot! We've had 100F degree weather for well over a week now. I'm just thankful it was in the evening so we had some nice shade. The next day was the reception and it was fun. The most fun was the fact that my parents rented a photo booth for it. It was basically just some curtains hung up with a digital camera to form the booth so nothing fancy. But the couple who ran the booth had a bunch of really fun hats, glasses and other props. Everyone went in at least once and most went more than once and had tons of fun with goofy props. Hopefully at some point I'll also be able to post some pictures from that also.

And finally the last bit of news is that my hubby has started back to school. He's now in his second week and seems to be doing well. I'm very proud of him for going back since it's been a long time since he's been in school.

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