Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Big 3 - 0!

That's right, I turned 30 on Saturday. Most women don't like to share their age, but I find this to be a milestone in my life. I've survived 30 years on this planet. 30 years when there were days along the way when I thought I wouldn't live another hour. I didn't have a huge party or anything like that, but I did go celebrate with my family and it was a very wonderful weekend.

Upon arriving at my parents house on Friday night, I approached the front door in confusion as I couldn't figure out why their normally solid white door had stripes on it. Then it hit me and I groaned, though I had a smile on my face. They had decorated the door with black streamers.

And that was just the start. The front room got a similar treatment I found when we actually got inside.
Now I must say that I was quite spoiled for this birthday. It's been a while since I've been this spoiled by my family. I had talked to my mom earlier in the week about what I wanted to do for my birthday and I got everything I wanted.

Saturday started with a large breakfast of eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and coffee cake. It was just my parents, myself and my hubby there for that. Dani had to work until 12:30 and Sam had to make sure her boys got a nap in before they came over. Once we all were there together we headed off to the bowling ally. Silly me forgot to take my camera there and I've not had a chance to steal any from my dad or my sister. But we had a really good time. I've not bowled in years so my first three turns all ended with gutter balls. My mom walks up for her first turn and looks at us and says "I don't remember how to bowl!" She then proceeds to get a strike! Sam was the champ of the day and the only one to break 100. But the real highlight of the day was my nephews. Colin is 3 and Ronan is 2 and it was so much fun to watch them try to bowl. We put bumpers on the lanes for when they were up and had a ramp for them to push the balls down. They both got higher scores than I did and each one even managed a strike! After the bowling was done we went into the arcade there. Our package came with 40 tokens so we might as well use them. We let the boys pick the games they wanted to play and all the tickets went to them. They actually did pretty well and came away with 155 tickets. It was just enough for each of them to pick out a toy with a bit left over for a rubber frog for Dylan (9mo).
It was home time after that so we all packed up and headed back to my parents house. For my birthday dinner I wanted steak with garlic mashed potatoes and baked beans. I really wanted grilled corn on the cob too, but its too early in the year for that. But dinner was fantastic! I love having dinner with my entire family.
For after dinner Sam had made me the most awesome cake!
It was a white cake layered with chocolate butter cream between the layers on 2 tiers. Then it was covered with butter cream and fondant with fondant butterfly cutouts. My sis is a regular Suzy Homemaker and she's good at it! She also made me the cutest little purse.
I always get the most awesome homemade gifts from her. She's quite creative. She's trying to start a business out of her home selling some of her stuff too. If you want a looksie here is the blog for her Etsy store. Sammy Jaynes.
My nephews even found time to be total hams this weekend. It was easy though as Mawma and Papa bought them new bubbles to play with.


  1. LOL thats mean but funny. Glad you had a good time Rose. :o) Doug.

  2. Great pics Sabs. I remember my 30th very well.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed your day! We're so glad we got to see you! We love you!

  4. Oh, and thanks for the shout out for my blog!


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