Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baradin Hold

Tol Barad Island, THE island in World of Warcraft right now. Why? Because it's the only place to get free gear for casual players like myself who no long raid. Every 2 hours the Horde and the Alliance battle it out for the chance to kill Argaloth and steal his gloves and pants.

Or maybe I should say every 2 hours the Horde on my server sit and laugh as the Alliance try pitifully to PvP and hope all the Horde are off doing something at the moment. The Alliance are rather bad at PvP on my server and this shines most prominently when fighting for control of the island. It's a rare day for us to have control, so when we do, everyone takes full advantage and gets their groups together to do Baradin Hold. I normally manage to get my shaman in a run early in the week and last week was no exception. I've yet to see a piece of shaman loot drop though. Oh and I play Alliance.

I have 2 other alts that are geared enough to do the run also, and last night, the last night before the weekly reset, we managed to have the island again. So I logged onto my hunter and started spamming for a group. I'd nearly given up until I saw someone looking for one dps. I quickly whispered him asking if they needed a hunter, if they already had one I'd offer to take my shadow priest instead. The first response was "ilevel?". /sigh I hate when people ask, but her score is 342, more than enough for the run. I state the score and mention that I've done the run before. "Link achievement" /sigh again, geez already. So I'm quickly looking through my achievement window trying to find it and I can't remember if that one is listed under Raids or PvP. (It's under PvP, btw) I link and get an invite. Group is full, head there ready to go.

Normally I'm not willing to jump through so many hoops for a run, but I wanted to get her into a group and I figure the group must be decent if they are bothering to ask for ilevels and achievements. Boy was I wrong. We wiped 4 times trying to kill Argaloth and just barely finished before being kicked out of the zone for the next battle. First time the healers didn't dispel. Next 2 times the tanks couldn't figure out how to taunt properly. Then we switch up tanks and replace a healer and do a bit better but still wipe. We finally get him on the 5th attempt. I'm looking at recount after each of these and I see that my little beast mastery hunter is 2nd on the meter pulling 11k-12k dps. The only person above is me is a fury warrior in all 359 gear, yet he's only 2k above me. I figure that I was probably the only one who they asked for an ilevel on and most likely it was because I was on a hunter. Pretty lame.

The bright side of this story? The hunter gloves dropped so she has a pretty new piece of gear. My first character that has any t11 and its an alt. Go figure.

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