Monday, February 21, 2011

Never in my Life!

To start this off, I'm not easily offended and I can curse it up with the best of them. But the couple of pugs I ended up in a group with on Sunday were some of the worst I've ever met.

After an agonizing 45 minute heroic queue on my Shaman, I get Stonecore. I don't mind Stonecore as long as the group knows what they are doing. First thing said by the tank in party chat "Hunter do you know how to trap" "yes" "Ok don't be a baddie". Then it just went down hill from there. The tank did more typing in party chat than tanking. Everything he said was either calling us 'baddies', calling the hunter 'fagerion" which was a play on the person's character name, or cussing us out for doing something he perceived as wrong. If the queues were not so long and I didn't still need Valor Points I would of just left.

At first it was just the tank acting like this, but by the time we were working our way to the second boss the healer had joined in also. We make it to Slabhide with little incident and low and behold he drops the mount. Of course I roll a 2 and the jerk healer wins it. We move on to Orzuk and start to have problems. The first time around I had trouble getting out of the shatter, but that was my own fault. After that though it was all on the tank and healer.  The tank seems to have no idea how to keep the boss facing away from the group so that the healer and the range wouldn't get hit by the ground slam. In fact after one wipe the tank blamed it on the hunter who didn't even die. On the last attempt I was there for we wiped because the tank killed the healer with ground slam. The healer denied it, but when I asked him how he died he answered with my dps count for the fight. I had only done 5.7k dps as MELEE for that fight. There is a crap ton of running in and out on that fight. Plus I was having to avoid the ground slams as well because of the idiot tank.

We tried to kick the tank. Actually we succeeded. But leader was passed to the healer who immediately invited him back sadly. They insisted that myself, the hunter and the mage all leave but we refused. I sat there and waited till they kicked me. I wasn't going to allow them to bully me.

I rarely rarely report anyone to a GM. They have to be completely horrible or cheating for me to report them. In fact I don't even have my micro menu on my screen to access my ticket window. That's how rarely I use it. But I used it for them. The ticket said it would take 17 hours to be answered. I got a reply about 2 hours later. I think the GM was just as disgusted by their behavior as me. Of course he can't tell me if they've been punished or not, but I like to think they've been banned for at least a few days for their actions.

Good riddance. I'm glad I never have to see you again.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Busy Busy

The last two months I've been very busy in the game. I completely ignored my main during the first week of the expansion in favor of leveling a new Worgen with the hubby. We got them to level 60 by the first weekend. We then switched to our mains, leveled them to 85 in two days then went back to our worgens. A week later they were 85 also. Sadly we've not done anything much with them since.

I really enjoyed the worgen starting zone. The quests were very well done and the story line was interesting. We had a very easy time leveling as I chose to make a warrior while the hubby made a priest. He went shadow of course but for the low levels he was still able to keep me healed. After leaving the starting zone we decided to leave Kalmidor and level in the Eastern Kingdoms. We figured every new worgen being made in those first days would follow the trial of quests and be leveling through Dark Shore and Ashenvale so we chose to head to Westfall. It was the right choice as we nearly had the place to ourselves. Very few others did the same as us and the zones were fairly empty.

Once we made it to level 15 we started leveling through dungeons as well as doing quests. I had made my warrior a tank, but we still had to wait ages in the queues as very few people were in the low level dungeons. We did dungeons all the way up to level 80. After that it was just quests. I didn't feel comfortable tanking the dungeons as I was not familiar with them yet. Sadly that has cost me a bit. Now I've not played my warrior in weeks and I'm afraid to take her into a dungeon. The pug have been horrible the past week. Gearing up my shaman was no big deal as the pugs were all great and no huge issues. But now with my priest its a battle just to get through the first pull most of the time. More than once I've gotten into an instance only to have the group break up with out pulling anything. They'd just wiped, re-queued to get fillers then the tank or healer ditches so the group breaks up. I understand not wanting to stay with a bad group. But if you are planning on leaving don't re-queue the group! As a dps I have to wait 45+ minutes in a queue. This means I've just wasted nearly an hour waiting for a group only to have to wait for another hour for another group. It's maddening.

And these bad groups have me scared to take my tank in. She's 85 but she can't do heroics yet. So I'd be doing normals which might not be a big deal, but still. I hate letting people down and I know how much it sucks to get a bad tank and have the group break up and I don't want to be that tank. But how do I get better unless I just jump in? Sure I could try to wrangle together a guild group, but more often than not lately I've been the only one on line. Everyone has been rather busy with life lately. One has 3 weeks left of a business trip, his wife doesn't play much while he's gone, one is MIA, one is playing StarCraft, 2 others have been playing alts on another server and my hubby? Well he's been playing Dragon Ages, lol.

Maybe I'll try to work up some courage and tank one this weekend.