Friday, January 21, 2011

My Hair Cut

I'm horrible about getting my hair cut regularly. It just isn't something I worry about. I know they say you should get a trim at least every six months to keep your hair healthy, but meh. But I really don't think a trim would keep my hair to an easily manageable length. It grows so fast.

I was born with a full head of hair. Hair so long that it was down over my ears already. My mom has baby pictures of me at 6 months old with a french braid down each side of my head. By the time I was 6 my hair was down to my bottom. After that my hair was usually kept at a length reaching my shoulder blades. My mom was very good about making sure my sisters and myself had regular hair cuts. But once I was off on my own it was no longer a priority. Why spend $30 or more dollars on a hair cut when I could go to a movie or buy booze? Or when money was tighter, food.

But every few years I do manage to go and get it cut. And when I do, its a heck of a haircut! The hair pictured above is not my hair. I forgot to take my camera with me when I was getting it cut, but its a close approximation. The only difference is that my hair is darker in color and there were 4 pony tails like that rather than 3. My hair is very thick and very fine.

Now I dont just let the hair go to waste. I make sure to cut my hair at places that donate to Locks of Love. This hair cut was the 4th time I've donated I believe. It's kinda hard to remeber for sure with there being a good 2 years between each hair cut, lol.

The minimum donation is 10 inches, I had over 12 inches cut off my hair.

Tell you what, its so much easier to wash and brush. And the hubby no longer pulls it on accident in bed!


  1. Your hair is sooooooooo shiny!!! I love the blunt cut. It makes your hair look full and healthy ... oh, and shiny! lol

  2. Wow! It's been so long since I've seen your hair "short"! It's still longer than mine though! Looks good!


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