Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Grease lightening!

Guest post written by Kenneth Peters

I always loved watching the movie Grease. I remember that my older sister took me to the movies to see it when I was younger. I think that if our parents found out at the time, I might have gotten in trouble, actually both of us! But I loved it even more over the years. Then when I heard that there was a touring Grease play coming to town, I thought that it might be fun for me and my sister to go and see it just like old times!

I looked onlien to see if I could find soem good discounted ticket prices and while I was doing that, I ran across some info on Miracle Ear. I actually passed it on to my sister because she kept talking about how she needed some hearing aids. So I listended to her and she actually got the hearing aids!
I was even more excited that she got them before we went to the play. I didn't want to have to repeat evertyhing that they said during the play!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Cat's Dream

Just another image I found ages ago, but I'm pretty sure this what my cats dream of after they play with a laser pointer. I hate to think what they might manage to do should they ever figure out how to use any technology.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cats Don't Care

I found this image ages ago and just thought I'd share. It really is true though. One of my cats follows me in nearly every time I use the bathroom. She's just there to be pet and knows I'm a captive audience for at least a few moments.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finally, Wedding Pictures!!

I have finally received my wedding pictures and I've selected a few to share. Enjoy!

Just the Two of us :)

His parents, us and My parents
The ceremony in front of my parents pool house.

The Cake!
The Ham! No he didn't really get any of the bubbly.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Moving Again

Post contributed by Josue Durham

I saw a La Puenta direct TV Commercial when I first moved into my new house and I had been trying to decide about satellite anyway so I went ahead and called. Have any of you guys moved recently? It’s a pretty big hassle but man when it’s said and done it sure feels good to get in your new place and get it all set up. I’ve been here about 4 weeks now and I’ve gotten all the boxes unpacked but not really started on all the decorating. I mean, I’m a guy so there’s not a lot I can do without a woman’s touch so I’m just waiting for my mom to come down and help me with that stuff! It feels really good to be a homeowner though but paying that mortgage every month sure does sober me up when I think about how much fun I’m having in my new place! It’s nice to not be wasting it on rent, though.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh so Busy!

I've been wanting to make a new post for weeks but I've been holding off in the hopes that I'd have wedding pictures back. Alas I still don't have them.

We managed to get moved on the weekend of June 17th. It was a bit of an adventure in that we ended up having to drive 30 miles north of town to pick up the U-Haul truck as some lady decided she couldn't return a truck on time. We spent all day loading it up to the point that it was very late before we made it to the new place. We waited until the next day to unpack though we did managed to get the bed out that night. We also had to go back later in the week to clean and that took another full day. That's what happened when you live in a place for 3 years and are not a very good housekeeper.

The next weekend we had a bachelorette party for my youngest sister. We went to Texas Roadhouse and then to the Loony Bin to watch The Sandman who is a comedic hypnotist. It was a really good night and even though I didn't think I had that much to drink I was still hungover the next day.

The 4th of July was fairly uneventful. We went to my parents for the day and went swimming. Then in the evening we watched my nephews and the neighborhood shoot off fireworks. The town has a restriction that only fireworks that do not fly over 6 feet in the air are allowed yet we saw tons and tons of huge night works going off. It was beautiful.

On Thursday the 7th, my youngest sister got married in a lovely outdoor ceremony at the local botanical garden. The only thing that would of made it better would have been if it hadn't been so darn hot! We've had 100F degree weather for well over a week now. I'm just thankful it was in the evening so we had some nice shade. The next day was the reception and it was fun. The most fun was the fact that my parents rented a photo booth for it. It was basically just some curtains hung up with a digital camera to form the booth so nothing fancy. But the couple who ran the booth had a bunch of really fun hats, glasses and other props. Everyone went in at least once and most went more than once and had tons of fun with goofy props. Hopefully at some point I'll also be able to post some pictures from that also.

And finally the last bit of news is that my hubby has started back to school. He's now in his second week and seems to be doing well. I'm very proud of him for going back since it's been a long time since he's been in school.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Shop Electricity Rates Texas

The Author of this post is Velma Baird

I'm an interior decorator and believe me when I say that I my own house has been a lesson in futility. I have absolutely no restraints when it comes to decorating my own house and I've gone totally over budget so far and I'm not even done. Luckily for me, I got a great deal on the house itself and recently negotiated for a great utility rate after doing some reading on http://www.shopelectricityratestexas.com/texas-electricity-companies/Texas/W/West-Columbia/. I have my eye on a Persian rug that costs well into the thousands and no I haven't bought it yet, I'm seriously considering it. I may have to get a second job if I keep spending money the way I am! I'm planning on staying in this house for a long time and maybe even for the rest of my life, so I want to make sure it's style totally reflects my personality. If my clients ever meet me at home I want them to feel confident I can do a good job in their house as well!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

End of May Already?

My where has the time gone? It's been over a month since my last post and I feel like such a slacker for it! Lots going on here. The hubby and I are planning our wedding. Yes, that's right, we're not actually married yet. But we're fixing that come June 11! Its just going to be a small affair with immediate family only as we're doing it in my parents backyard. I'll be sure to post pictures after all is said and done on that.

We're also going to be moving to Wichita right after the wedding. So on top of planning a wedding we're looking for a new place to live and planning a move. We have been approved for an apartment not to far away from my sisters so that should be interesting. I'm really looking forward to moving and being closer to family again. The hubby will be going back to school come July as he's been accepted to Wichita State. He'll be working towards a teaching certificate. As for me, I just hope to find work there as soon as possible. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

AND, oh my yes, there is an and, my youngest sister is getting married in July! So lots of stuff going on for her too. Over Easter we went dress shopping. I found a dress to wear for my wedding in the first 30 minutes of shopping. But we continued shopping for another 8 hours to find bridesmaid dresses for myself and my other sister, to find Mom something to wear for both occasions and for accessories! And I must mention that I HATE shopping. I absolutely dread it! I was dying at the end of the day! But we found just about everything we needed, or at least what we needed that day.

Still so much to do! I really need to get off my bum and start working on it all.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Facebook Games or Where Has My Life Gone?

Facebook games seem to be the "thing" to do right now. Nearly everyone has a Facebook account, even those of the older generations who may not completely understand what it is. And what better way to make sure people spend as much time on the system as possible but to create addictive, time consuming games where the only way to get the best items is to either buy Facebook credits to purchase the items or to get an insane amount of friends to play with you and help unlock the goodies.

I told myself for a long time that I would not get sucked into playing these games. Farmville never sounded fun to me and the Sorority Life that my sisters play seemed akin to playing with Barbie's again. But I failed. Miserably. I have some friends who play a few of the games to support a friend. Their good friend got a job working for Crowdstar Games who makes 6 or 7 games for Facebook. In hearing them talk about the games I decided to try them out. Big mistake! Now I'm addicted to them! Everyday now I have to feed my fish, feed the animals in my zoo, collect the coins from my island and go blow up pirate ships! And on weekends I do this at least twice a day when at home.

My hubby made fun of me for weeks every time he would hear the music from the games. In Happy Aquarium he now knows the music that plays when I mate 2 of the fish and calls it "fish sexy time". I even stole his account and played the games there to send myself items in all the games. But I have my revenge! A couple weeks ago he found that there is a version of Dragon Ages for Facebook and since he has played through both full versions of it he decided to give it ago. Well that game is one where you only have so much energy to use at a time then you have to wait for it to refill, so one day while he was waiting he bounced over to the other games I'd started on his account. He seems to like Mighty Pirates the best, but he still opens the other games at least once every day also. After weeks of making fun of me he is now playing the games himself! He feeds his fish, takes care of his Zoo Paradise to the point that he is actually expanding and improving it, and of course he has now passed me in levels in Mighty Pirates.

We both spend way to much time on the computer but there are worse things we could be doing. And so far we've resisted spending money on any of the games. Though I have been really really tempted.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Noah's Ark

  A Guest Post by Eowyn, the cat.

Hello all you Human's out there! I am Eowyn and I happen to be a cat. But not just any cat, no, no. My human happens to be BlueRose who is the normal writer of this blog, of course I just call her Mom. Today she has been nice enough to let me write a post for all of you to tell you about Noah's Ark, a place for animals on the internet.

Noah's Ark is a new message board on Yuku for just us animals. It was started by my new friend Bayley (he's a dog, but that's ok, I still like him). There are several of us there already, both dogs and cats and we'd love to have more friends to talk to. All animals are welcome, just NO HUMANS!

The reason we picked Yuku is because our humans have been using it for many years now and they just love it! Not only is there a message board but we all get interactive profiles that we can customize and use to say hello to each other and post pictures of ourselves on. It's really very cool. Oh, and its all free!

You might be wondering what we talk about at Noah's Ark. Well, we talk about everything, from what we did during the day, our favorite games,  our favorite sleeping places, what we like to do to annoy our humans, everything!

So if you are an animal and would like to come join us, or if you are a human and you have a pet who you think might like to join us, please stop by and check us out! If you decide to join just make a free account and jump into the conversations! =^.^=
Now because you were so nice and read though all of this, I'm going to give you a present! A video of me playing fetch!


Recently I've been browsing more and more shopping sites looking to see what's out there to buy online. I absolutely hate shopping so buying online is always a better option for me. But sometimes its hard to know if I'm getting the best price for what I'm looking to buy.

In my searching I found Become.com. This site is great for online shopping as it lists items from many different sellers all at once allowing for price comparison and bargain shopping. One of the things I'd been looking at recently were bedding sets. They have a lot to choose from and just about anything can be found, from Red Queen Comforter Sets to Old Fashioned Hurricane Lamps. Just type in what you are looking for and the site does the rest. All you have to do is browse and buy.

While looking at the site a little bit close I was surprised to find that Become.com has been around since 2004. Amazing that I'd not heard of them until now as they've done a wonderful job of creating a one stop shop for online shopping.

Brought to you by your friends at Become.com.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baradin Hold

Tol Barad Island, THE island in World of Warcraft right now. Why? Because it's the only place to get free gear for casual players like myself who no long raid. Every 2 hours the Horde and the Alliance battle it out for the chance to kill Argaloth and steal his gloves and pants.

Or maybe I should say every 2 hours the Horde on my server sit and laugh as the Alliance try pitifully to PvP and hope all the Horde are off doing something at the moment. The Alliance are rather bad at PvP on my server and this shines most prominently when fighting for control of the island. It's a rare day for us to have control, so when we do, everyone takes full advantage and gets their groups together to do Baradin Hold. I normally manage to get my shaman in a run early in the week and last week was no exception. I've yet to see a piece of shaman loot drop though. Oh and I play Alliance.

I have 2 other alts that are geared enough to do the run also, and last night, the last night before the weekly reset, we managed to have the island again. So I logged onto my hunter and started spamming for a group. I'd nearly given up until I saw someone looking for one dps. I quickly whispered him asking if they needed a hunter, if they already had one I'd offer to take my shadow priest instead. The first response was "ilevel?". /sigh I hate when people ask, but her score is 342, more than enough for the run. I state the score and mention that I've done the run before. "Link achievement" /sigh again, geez already. So I'm quickly looking through my achievement window trying to find it and I can't remember if that one is listed under Raids or PvP. (It's under PvP, btw) I link and get an invite. Group is full, head there ready to go.

Normally I'm not willing to jump through so many hoops for a run, but I wanted to get her into a group and I figure the group must be decent if they are bothering to ask for ilevels and achievements. Boy was I wrong. We wiped 4 times trying to kill Argaloth and just barely finished before being kicked out of the zone for the next battle. First time the healers didn't dispel. Next 2 times the tanks couldn't figure out how to taunt properly. Then we switch up tanks and replace a healer and do a bit better but still wipe. We finally get him on the 5th attempt. I'm looking at recount after each of these and I see that my little beast mastery hunter is 2nd on the meter pulling 11k-12k dps. The only person above is me is a fury warrior in all 359 gear, yet he's only 2k above me. I figure that I was probably the only one who they asked for an ilevel on and most likely it was because I was on a hunter. Pretty lame.

The bright side of this story? The hunter gloves dropped so she has a pretty new piece of gear. My first character that has any t11 and its an alt. Go figure.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project Runway

This guest post from Josue Nichols

I have to admit, I'm a reality TV addict. From Survivor to Big Brother, any show that gathers a group of competitors together and eliminates one at a time until only one is left always gets my attention. It's for this reason that my interest was piqued when my girlfriend suggested we watch Project Runway. The premise of the show is pretty basic; a group of aspiring fashion designers compete in challenges every week. The one who fares the poorest is sent home.

The first thing I noticed was that the personalities of the contestants were fascinating, ranging from fun and flamboyant to downright Machiavellian. I've never been very interested in fashion, but the unique variety of challenges keeps me watching every week. Heidi Klum does an excellent job of hosting, but the real star of the show is Tim Gunn. Gunn acts as adviser and mentor to the contestants, and is always there with sage advice and a witty quip. It's an incredibly fun show to watch, and you can be sure that my satellite TV, that I got after reading up on dirctv vs dish, will be tuned in every single week.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Big 3 - 0!

That's right, I turned 30 on Saturday. Most women don't like to share their age, but I find this to be a milestone in my life. I've survived 30 years on this planet. 30 years when there were days along the way when I thought I wouldn't live another hour. I didn't have a huge party or anything like that, but I did go celebrate with my family and it was a very wonderful weekend.

Upon arriving at my parents house on Friday night, I approached the front door in confusion as I couldn't figure out why their normally solid white door had stripes on it. Then it hit me and I groaned, though I had a smile on my face. They had decorated the door with black streamers.

And that was just the start. The front room got a similar treatment I found when we actually got inside.
Now I must say that I was quite spoiled for this birthday. It's been a while since I've been this spoiled by my family. I had talked to my mom earlier in the week about what I wanted to do for my birthday and I got everything I wanted.

Saturday started with a large breakfast of eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and coffee cake. It was just my parents, myself and my hubby there for that. Dani had to work until 12:30 and Sam had to make sure her boys got a nap in before they came over. Once we all were there together we headed off to the bowling ally. Silly me forgot to take my camera there and I've not had a chance to steal any from my dad or my sister. But we had a really good time. I've not bowled in years so my first three turns all ended with gutter balls. My mom walks up for her first turn and looks at us and says "I don't remember how to bowl!" She then proceeds to get a strike! Sam was the champ of the day and the only one to break 100. But the real highlight of the day was my nephews. Colin is 3 and Ronan is 2 and it was so much fun to watch them try to bowl. We put bumpers on the lanes for when they were up and had a ramp for them to push the balls down. They both got higher scores than I did and each one even managed a strike! After the bowling was done we went into the arcade there. Our package came with 40 tokens so we might as well use them. We let the boys pick the games they wanted to play and all the tickets went to them. They actually did pretty well and came away with 155 tickets. It was just enough for each of them to pick out a toy with a bit left over for a rubber frog for Dylan (9mo).
It was home time after that so we all packed up and headed back to my parents house. For my birthday dinner I wanted steak with garlic mashed potatoes and baked beans. I really wanted grilled corn on the cob too, but its too early in the year for that. But dinner was fantastic! I love having dinner with my entire family.
For after dinner Sam had made me the most awesome cake!
It was a white cake layered with chocolate butter cream between the layers on 2 tiers. Then it was covered with butter cream and fondant with fondant butterfly cutouts. My sis is a regular Suzy Homemaker and she's good at it! She also made me the cutest little purse.
I always get the most awesome homemade gifts from her. She's quite creative. She's trying to start a business out of her home selling some of her stuff too. If you want a looksie here is the blog for her Etsy store. Sammy Jaynes.
My nephews even found time to be total hams this weekend. It was easy though as Mawma and Papa bought them new bubbles to play with.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Never in my Life!

To start this off, I'm not easily offended and I can curse it up with the best of them. But the couple of pugs I ended up in a group with on Sunday were some of the worst I've ever met.

After an agonizing 45 minute heroic queue on my Shaman, I get Stonecore. I don't mind Stonecore as long as the group knows what they are doing. First thing said by the tank in party chat "Hunter do you know how to trap" "yes" "Ok don't be a baddie". Then it just went down hill from there. The tank did more typing in party chat than tanking. Everything he said was either calling us 'baddies', calling the hunter 'fagerion" which was a play on the person's character name, or cussing us out for doing something he perceived as wrong. If the queues were not so long and I didn't still need Valor Points I would of just left.

At first it was just the tank acting like this, but by the time we were working our way to the second boss the healer had joined in also. We make it to Slabhide with little incident and low and behold he drops the mount. Of course I roll a 2 and the jerk healer wins it. We move on to Orzuk and start to have problems. The first time around I had trouble getting out of the shatter, but that was my own fault. After that though it was all on the tank and healer.  The tank seems to have no idea how to keep the boss facing away from the group so that the healer and the range wouldn't get hit by the ground slam. In fact after one wipe the tank blamed it on the hunter who didn't even die. On the last attempt I was there for we wiped because the tank killed the healer with ground slam. The healer denied it, but when I asked him how he died he answered with my dps count for the fight. I had only done 5.7k dps as MELEE for that fight. There is a crap ton of running in and out on that fight. Plus I was having to avoid the ground slams as well because of the idiot tank.

We tried to kick the tank. Actually we succeeded. But leader was passed to the healer who immediately invited him back sadly. They insisted that myself, the hunter and the mage all leave but we refused. I sat there and waited till they kicked me. I wasn't going to allow them to bully me.

I rarely rarely report anyone to a GM. They have to be completely horrible or cheating for me to report them. In fact I don't even have my micro menu on my screen to access my ticket window. That's how rarely I use it. But I used it for them. The ticket said it would take 17 hours to be answered. I got a reply about 2 hours later. I think the GM was just as disgusted by their behavior as me. Of course he can't tell me if they've been punished or not, but I like to think they've been banned for at least a few days for their actions.

Good riddance. I'm glad I never have to see you again.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Busy Busy

The last two months I've been very busy in the game. I completely ignored my main during the first week of the expansion in favor of leveling a new Worgen with the hubby. We got them to level 60 by the first weekend. We then switched to our mains, leveled them to 85 in two days then went back to our worgens. A week later they were 85 also. Sadly we've not done anything much with them since.

I really enjoyed the worgen starting zone. The quests were very well done and the story line was interesting. We had a very easy time leveling as I chose to make a warrior while the hubby made a priest. He went shadow of course but for the low levels he was still able to keep me healed. After leaving the starting zone we decided to leave Kalmidor and level in the Eastern Kingdoms. We figured every new worgen being made in those first days would follow the trial of quests and be leveling through Dark Shore and Ashenvale so we chose to head to Westfall. It was the right choice as we nearly had the place to ourselves. Very few others did the same as us and the zones were fairly empty.

Once we made it to level 15 we started leveling through dungeons as well as doing quests. I had made my warrior a tank, but we still had to wait ages in the queues as very few people were in the low level dungeons. We did dungeons all the way up to level 80. After that it was just quests. I didn't feel comfortable tanking the dungeons as I was not familiar with them yet. Sadly that has cost me a bit. Now I've not played my warrior in weeks and I'm afraid to take her into a dungeon. The pug have been horrible the past week. Gearing up my shaman was no big deal as the pugs were all great and no huge issues. But now with my priest its a battle just to get through the first pull most of the time. More than once I've gotten into an instance only to have the group break up with out pulling anything. They'd just wiped, re-queued to get fillers then the tank or healer ditches so the group breaks up. I understand not wanting to stay with a bad group. But if you are planning on leaving don't re-queue the group! As a dps I have to wait 45+ minutes in a queue. This means I've just wasted nearly an hour waiting for a group only to have to wait for another hour for another group. It's maddening.

And these bad groups have me scared to take my tank in. She's 85 but she can't do heroics yet. So I'd be doing normals which might not be a big deal, but still. I hate letting people down and I know how much it sucks to get a bad tank and have the group break up and I don't want to be that tank. But how do I get better unless I just jump in? Sure I could try to wrangle together a guild group, but more often than not lately I've been the only one on line. Everyone has been rather busy with life lately. One has 3 weeks left of a business trip, his wife doesn't play much while he's gone, one is MIA, one is playing StarCraft, 2 others have been playing alts on another server and my hubby? Well he's been playing Dragon Ages, lol.

Maybe I'll try to work up some courage and tank one this weekend.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Over Christmas my nephews had fun playing with Papa (Grandpa) and the Nerf dart guns.

Uh oh Papa you're out! Time to reload!

So they help him reload.

Don't they make cute sitting ducks? lol

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Hair Cut

I'm horrible about getting my hair cut regularly. It just isn't something I worry about. I know they say you should get a trim at least every six months to keep your hair healthy, but meh. But I really don't think a trim would keep my hair to an easily manageable length. It grows so fast.

I was born with a full head of hair. Hair so long that it was down over my ears already. My mom has baby pictures of me at 6 months old with a french braid down each side of my head. By the time I was 6 my hair was down to my bottom. After that my hair was usually kept at a length reaching my shoulder blades. My mom was very good about making sure my sisters and myself had regular hair cuts. But once I was off on my own it was no longer a priority. Why spend $30 or more dollars on a hair cut when I could go to a movie or buy booze? Or when money was tighter, food.

But every few years I do manage to go and get it cut. And when I do, its a heck of a haircut! The hair pictured above is not my hair. I forgot to take my camera with me when I was getting it cut, but its a close approximation. The only difference is that my hair is darker in color and there were 4 pony tails like that rather than 3. My hair is very thick and very fine.

Now I dont just let the hair go to waste. I make sure to cut my hair at places that donate to Locks of Love. This hair cut was the 4th time I've donated I believe. It's kinda hard to remeber for sure with there being a good 2 years between each hair cut, lol.

The minimum donation is 10 inches, I had over 12 inches cut off my hair.

Tell you what, its so much easier to wash and brush. And the hubby no longer pulls it on accident in bed!