Monday, November 15, 2010

A Wonderful Week!

I don’t normally blog about my World of Warcraft playing here but this was a really good week for my new little guild and we are so excited so I’ve decided to share.
If you are confused about what anything means, please feel free to ask. I've also made a post on my Blourm explaining many of the basic terms used in the game.

And because it was our first huge accomplisment as a guild and I really don't care that there were only 5 of us in the group in the guild I made sure to get a group picture!

Well, raiding has been very kind to us since that day. Friday the 5th was our first scheduled day to start raiding after the guild meeting. We get 5 of us together, 2 tanks and 3 dps, so we need heals. I spam chat for an hour and all I can get is 2 more dps and no heals. So we decide to try again on Saturday. What a difference 1 day makes! On Saturday an old friend of my husband and myself decided to transfer back to our server and join our guild. She brought 2 toons both of which are kingslayers and one of which is a heroic geared healer! I start spamming trade and this time it only takes me 10 minutes to fill the group! Holy cow this is working out!

We head in and our dps is outstanding! We are 1 shotting everything in there. Not a surprise for the first wing, but then we 1 shot rot and fest AND Putricide! We killed him so fast that in P3 the tanks didn't even get him a quarter of the way around the room. We moved on and 1 shot Dreamwalker also. At that point we lost a healer so I had to go pug a new one which took less than 5 minutes and we moved on to Princes. This is where our first hiccups came into play as I'd never done the fight on 10 man and a few had never done it at all. But we got them after a few tries and moved on to Blood Queen. Even less of the group had seen this fight, but after some miscommunication on the bites on our first try we rocked it on the second and got her down!

Now on to Sindragosa a fight that no one has seen other than one of the locks and our healer friend. We spent 2 hours wiping on her but we were getting really close. The only thing stopping us from killing her that night was the fact that many of us were tired and it was already pretty late. So we all decided to come back the next day and try again. We regroup on Sunday and everyone shows up. We walk in and 1 shot Sindy! She never saw it coming! OMG! We're going to see the LK fight! This is our goal what we want the most before Cata! So we head up and talk about the fight then spend a couple hours wiping on him. Our best attempt that night was 45% I think.

We really want to kill LK before Cata so I extend the raid lock to go back to him after the reset and we plan on Tuesday night. Our healer can't come that night as she has plans but we figure we can get another. I had bad luck getting people on Tuesday so I switched to an alt and we started a fresh run though it didn't go very far. Our next night was scheduled for Friday. The 5 of us are together and ready to go but none of our previous pugs are online, so I have to pug all new heals and dps. We get up to LK and have a couple good attempts at him then all of a sudden 2 heals and a dps drop group O.o. Back to Dala I go and manage to fill the spots fairly quickly. And what a blessing them dropping was as we managed to get 2 of the best most friendly heals I've ever met on my server! They were both kingslayers who absolutly love the fight and helped us to fix some of our positioning and our strat. They explained some things we hadn't understood before and really helped us out. Our best attempt that night was 35% before everyone had to go. So I schedule us to go back the next night which was this past Saturday. Again none of the pugs from the night before are on so I get 5 brand new people, but thankful a couple more kingslayers. After the second attempt for the night one of the lesser healers suddenly says they have to go and drops group. No biggie as our awesome priest from the night before had logged on and we get her into the group.  We are doing great and get LK to 20% before we have some bad luck and people died. After that we had more bad luck for a couple of attempts. Then finally, everything just clicked! The defiles were getting placed on the edge of the room, the valkyers were dying, no one died at all, it was simply perfect and we WON! After just 3 days of learning the fight we kicked his butt!

And because it was our first huge accomplisment as a guild and I really don't care that there were only 5 of us in the group in the guild I made sure to get a group picture!

It was a really good week for our little guild and now we can start working on all the hard modes we've been wanting to do.

And also, because I wanted to squee about this days ago and forgot, on Wednesday I finally finally managed to get my 100 mount achievement! I had to farm the heck out of champion seals to do it, but I finally did!

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