Monday, November 22, 2010

Turkey Time!

So this week I decided that I really wanted to make a turkey. I have no idea why I just did. It could be because on Monday at the store I saw some injectable marinade that was Roasted Garlic and Herb and it sounded super yummy and I really wanted to use it. So the hubby and I went shopping Friday night for a turkey and some yummy extras to go with it so we could make our own little Thanksgiving meal for just the 2 of us. Sure we're going to be spending Thanksgiving with my family and there will be plenty of turkey and all sorts of food there, but I wanted it now!

Starting off with the shopping the hubby convinced me before hand that we should really just do a breast as they're smaller and there wouldn't be so much waste. Well we get to the store and the breasts are more expensive than the whole turkies! So we buy a whole one anyways though we tried to go small and bought a 12 pound one. We also got the marinade, potatoes for mashed potatoes, stuffing and cresant rolls along with the various stuff needed to go along to make each of those things.

We left the turkey to thaw over night in the fridge but it didn't go fast enough and had to give it a nice long hot water bath on Saturday. By mid afternoon it was ready for the marinade. Poor turkey got poked full of holes but it was well worth it. We put it in a large bowl and covered it with foil and back into the fridge it went to sit over night and soak in all the flavor.

Sunday finally comes and I'm all excited! We're making a turkey! The hubby laughed at me all day because I was excited and he couldn't figure out why. Honestly I don't know why I was either but I wanted turkey! We get it in the oven inside of a cooking bag which the hubby has never used before and it kinda kept it from getting really brown but it did keep it tender and juicy! Sadly the skin stuck to the bag and came off the turkey before I could get any nice picutres, but I did get a couple!

Doesn't this look super yummy? We ate so much and we still have tons of left overs!

Our first adventure in turkey making was a complete success! I'm so happy and we'll be eating yummy turkey all week long!

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