Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heaven in a Pint

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Right after High School I went on a school sponsored trip to Germany. I spent 18 days there with a group of my classmates and a few teachers. I don't remember which town we were in at the time, but we were in a shopping center and there was an Italian Ice stand that sold ice cream. I don't remember the name of the flavor I picked out anymore, but it wasn't one that I knew or had ever had before. And my teacher couldn't give me a translation for it either.

Well I think I found it again! I think the flavor was amaretto! A few days ago the hubby and I were craving ice cream as we hadn't had any in a while. I was really looking for something different when this one caught my eye. Amaretto Almond Crunch from Häagen-Dazs . I took it home and dug in to find it was like heaven in my mouth! The flavor was absolutely perfect and tasted like the ice cream I'd had years ago in Germany. Of course that ice cream didn't have little bits of almond in it, but after tasting this I wish it had. This ice cream is absolutely perfect! I love it! And the best part is that the hubby doesn't like it! So I don't have to worry about him eating it while I'm at work.

Now here's the bad part. It's a limited edition. According to the Häagen-Dazs site it will only be available until December. Now that is a long time, but normally they never bring these flavors back again. So from now till then I'll have to indulge and come Nov-Dec stalk up as much as I can! lol

I've gone through this before sadly. Several years ago I found a flavor of Ben & Jerry's I just adored. It was a Honey Vanilla with chocolate covered honey wafers in it. It too was a limited edition that I've not seen since. And after that Ameri-cone Dream also by Ben & Jerry's and yet again another limited edition.

Why must I fall in love with that which will not last? Why?

I guess for now I'll simply have to savor every moment that I have it.

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