Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sweatin' It

I've been over weight for a long time. And when I say over weight, I'm not talking like a cheerleader who thinks she's fat, I'm talking over weight as in I'm seriously unhealthy. I'm not so unhealthy that I could drop dead at any moment. My blood pressure is fine and as far as I know my cholesterol is also, but there are some things I find physically hard to do.

Lately I've been thinking more and more about getting married. Yes, I know I call Brian my hubby, but we're not technically married. In all sense of the word we are, we just don't have that little piece of paper to make it all official. I've been married and divorced once before so I hadn't really worried about us getting married and never really thought about having any sort of wedding, but lately I have been. I have all these ideas running through my head of what our wedding should be like and what I want to do. Some simple and cheap yet elegant. But then I look in the mirror and I see my very round, curvy and some what lumpy figure. I'm not ashamed of my body, but I look at myself and I realize that the type of dress I have in mind, while it probably wouldn't look bad on me, wouldn't look its best either. What dress can really look its best when your stomach goes out farther than your boobs? Mine really isn't out farther, but they are about the same sadly. I also have a rather large shelf on my backside.

So I made a decision over the weekend. I want to lose at least 50 pounds by my birthday in March. That is about 3.5 months away. That wouldn't put me anywhere near my ideal weight, but it would be a very good start and only leave me maybe another 70 to go after that. And yes you added correctly, I really need to lose about 120 pounds to really be at a healthy weight for my age and height. It would put me at around 170 pounds as I'm around 290 right now.

With my mind made up I put my plan into action yesterday. It's much to cold to really be able to spend any real time outside and I spend so much time just sitting at my desk that its not doing me any good. So I did a quick Google search and found some easy to do Desk Exercises. These are some simple stretches, bends and lifts that I can do in my desk chair here at work. It's just some basic strength training, but I know it will be helpful. Then when I got home last night I turned on the Wii and put in our Sport Resort game. We don't have Wii Fit so this is the best I can do. I started out with the rowing thinking that would be a work out, but I was disappointed. So I moved on to the cycling and it wasn't any better. Feeling a bit let down that I wasn't going to be able to get a real workout with this game I gave the basket ball a shot. The game is just a 3-point shootout. There is a time limit and 25 balls that I have to shoot from a 3 point range on the court. This game got me moving! Even though all I really had to do was swing my arm for the shot, I found myself getting my entire body involved just like I was actually on a basket ball court. I was using both arms and found myself actually jumping like I was making an actual shot. I spent about 20 minutes playing several rounds of this before I was all sweaty and ready to rest.

Another change I've decided to make to go along with this exercise is that I'm going to try to no longer drink any soda. I was only drinking Diet Sierra Mist but I've decided that I should try to stick to water. And since water can be really boring I've bought some flavored drink mix to help keep it interesting.

So far I'm succeeding with my new routine, but then again its only been 1 day. Lets see if I can keep it up and drop the pounds. Maybe I should by a scale to know for sure though, lol  

November Chatter

I'm going to do my best to make this blog work out for me as I really love the system. I'll be moving in my other blog posts from other areas to here as time allows. I don't have all that many, but just enough for it to be time consuming.

Edit: I've now moved in all my old posts that were located on another system. I've added them while here at work so I can't make sure they posted ok. If you have any time please give them a looksie and let me know if anything doesn't look right :)

Thanks so much! *hugs*

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The End of the World

Today marks the start of a whole new chapter in the World of Warcraft. Deathwing makes his devastating return and the world as we know will be forever changed. I'm disappointed in myself for getting distracted last night and not thinking about going and taking some screen shots of places that will be changing.

The hubby and I ran ZG for the last time yesterday. No mounts for either of us and I didn't even think to take any screen shots. ZG was my first ever raid. My rogue had just gotten to level 60 and the guild I had joined happened to be a raiding guild. I had to practically beg for an invite and they eventually let me in. Her gear was crap, but I gave it my all. I died so many times as I had no idea what I was doing. What I remember best is getting drunk from the spider bites and not being able to see anything as I didn't know about the full screen glow effect and that it could be turned off. I also died so many times to the bat riders when they would blow up. I only ever saw the tiger mount drop one time in all the times I've run the place. It dropped during on of our raids back in vanilla. One of the mages in the guild had a standing offer to by the mount for 5k gold to the winner of the role. Of course the winner took it as 5k was a fortune back then. In the last few weeks a person would of had to pay a good 100k for the mount. As of today neither the tiger nor the raptor will be available.

There are a lot of other things I'm going to miss. All my first characters were dwarves and I remember questing in Loch Modan and being amazed by the dam there. Such a huge majestic thing and today it will be destroyed.

Sadly I don't even know what all changes are going to take place. I know of many of them, but I'm sure there are more. I'm going to have to check out Moonglade today. The hubby and I met in the game and in celebration of our one month together we held an in game wedding. Our Wedding was held in "our spot" in Moonglade by the side of the lake under a large tree. All our friends were there and it was perfect. Sadly I lost a lot of those screen shots when my old computer was stolen several years ago. I hope Moonglade doesn't change to much. I don't want to lose our spot.

Another thing I'm going to miss are seeing the trolls on the side of the mountain between Darkshore and Felwood. I've always wanted to go and party with those trolls as they always seem to be having a party and it looked to be such a good time. I hear they will no longer be there. Their village will be burned to the ground. With the addition of Old World Flying I was hoping to finally go and visit them, but alas that will never happen.

The world is going to be shattered. New enemies will be fought. And the past will be an even more distant memory for those of us who have been playing since the beginning. For good or bad a new world is upon us.

Monday, November 22, 2010

100 Mounts!

I really feel that this acheivement deserves its own post rather than thrown in at the bottom of another. The reason it was done that way was because that post was originally posted on a community site and I didn't want to make 2 posts at the same time. But here I can do what ever I want so here goes!

It took me ages to finally get this mount! I love it to bits and I've been wanting it for AGES!
Why did it take me so long you might ask? Well my beloved shaman, my main, is cursed it seems. The RNG Gods hate her with a passion when it comes to mount drops. She only has 2 mounts that come from drops, the Bronze Drake and the Black Twilight Drake from OS10 3D. Not another single dropped mount does she have.

I've bought the Chopper, the Travelers Tundra Mammoth, the Hodir Exalted White Mammoth. I have all the Argen Tournament mounts save the Argent Hippogryph though I intend to get it at some point. I've done the daily for the White Polar Bear since the first week of Wrath and nada. I've cracked open so many Oracle Mysterious Eggs that I could feed all of Azeroth for year. She's gone through all of her beer supply fishing and still doesn't have a Turtle. I've not seen the Zulian Tiger since vanilla and I've never seen the Raptor from there and they will be gone after today. I've killed Kael in Magister's Terrace nearly 90 times and I've only seen the White Hawkstrider 2 times and friends won those. I've never seen the Anzu mount drop. Baron hates me too.

I'm completely dumbfounded at how seriously bad her luck is when it comes to mounts. But at least the grind is over and she'll have a brand new set of mounts to pick up when Cata drops in a few weeks. I'm just hoping they don't add another level to the acheivement or I'll probably scream!

Turkey Time!

So this week I decided that I really wanted to make a turkey. I have no idea why I just did. It could be because on Monday at the store I saw some injectable marinade that was Roasted Garlic and Herb and it sounded super yummy and I really wanted to use it. So the hubby and I went shopping Friday night for a turkey and some yummy extras to go with it so we could make our own little Thanksgiving meal for just the 2 of us. Sure we're going to be spending Thanksgiving with my family and there will be plenty of turkey and all sorts of food there, but I wanted it now!

Starting off with the shopping the hubby convinced me before hand that we should really just do a breast as they're smaller and there wouldn't be so much waste. Well we get to the store and the breasts are more expensive than the whole turkies! So we buy a whole one anyways though we tried to go small and bought a 12 pound one. We also got the marinade, potatoes for mashed potatoes, stuffing and cresant rolls along with the various stuff needed to go along to make each of those things.

We left the turkey to thaw over night in the fridge but it didn't go fast enough and had to give it a nice long hot water bath on Saturday. By mid afternoon it was ready for the marinade. Poor turkey got poked full of holes but it was well worth it. We put it in a large bowl and covered it with foil and back into the fridge it went to sit over night and soak in all the flavor.

Sunday finally comes and I'm all excited! We're making a turkey! The hubby laughed at me all day because I was excited and he couldn't figure out why. Honestly I don't know why I was either but I wanted turkey! We get it in the oven inside of a cooking bag which the hubby has never used before and it kinda kept it from getting really brown but it did keep it tender and juicy! Sadly the skin stuck to the bag and came off the turkey before I could get any nice picutres, but I did get a couple!

Doesn't this look super yummy? We ate so much and we still have tons of left overs!

Our first adventure in turkey making was a complete success! I'm so happy and we'll be eating yummy turkey all week long!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Wonderful Week!

I don’t normally blog about my World of Warcraft playing here but this was a really good week for my new little guild and we are so excited so I’ve decided to share.
If you are confused about what anything means, please feel free to ask. I've also made a post on my Blourm explaining many of the basic terms used in the game.

And because it was our first huge accomplisment as a guild and I really don't care that there were only 5 of us in the group in the guild I made sure to get a group picture!

Well, raiding has been very kind to us since that day. Friday the 5th was our first scheduled day to start raiding after the guild meeting. We get 5 of us together, 2 tanks and 3 dps, so we need heals. I spam chat for an hour and all I can get is 2 more dps and no heals. So we decide to try again on Saturday. What a difference 1 day makes! On Saturday an old friend of my husband and myself decided to transfer back to our server and join our guild. She brought 2 toons both of which are kingslayers and one of which is a heroic geared healer! I start spamming trade and this time it only takes me 10 minutes to fill the group! Holy cow this is working out!

We head in and our dps is outstanding! We are 1 shotting everything in there. Not a surprise for the first wing, but then we 1 shot rot and fest AND Putricide! We killed him so fast that in P3 the tanks didn't even get him a quarter of the way around the room. We moved on and 1 shot Dreamwalker also. At that point we lost a healer so I had to go pug a new one which took less than 5 minutes and we moved on to Princes. This is where our first hiccups came into play as I'd never done the fight on 10 man and a few had never done it at all. But we got them after a few tries and moved on to Blood Queen. Even less of the group had seen this fight, but after some miscommunication on the bites on our first try we rocked it on the second and got her down!

Now on to Sindragosa a fight that no one has seen other than one of the locks and our healer friend. We spent 2 hours wiping on her but we were getting really close. The only thing stopping us from killing her that night was the fact that many of us were tired and it was already pretty late. So we all decided to come back the next day and try again. We regroup on Sunday and everyone shows up. We walk in and 1 shot Sindy! She never saw it coming! OMG! We're going to see the LK fight! This is our goal what we want the most before Cata! So we head up and talk about the fight then spend a couple hours wiping on him. Our best attempt that night was 45% I think.

We really want to kill LK before Cata so I extend the raid lock to go back to him after the reset and we plan on Tuesday night. Our healer can't come that night as she has plans but we figure we can get another. I had bad luck getting people on Tuesday so I switched to an alt and we started a fresh run though it didn't go very far. Our next night was scheduled for Friday. The 5 of us are together and ready to go but none of our previous pugs are online, so I have to pug all new heals and dps. We get up to LK and have a couple good attempts at him then all of a sudden 2 heals and a dps drop group O.o. Back to Dala I go and manage to fill the spots fairly quickly. And what a blessing them dropping was as we managed to get 2 of the best most friendly heals I've ever met on my server! They were both kingslayers who absolutly love the fight and helped us to fix some of our positioning and our strat. They explained some things we hadn't understood before and really helped us out. Our best attempt that night was 35% before everyone had to go. So I schedule us to go back the next night which was this past Saturday. Again none of the pugs from the night before are on so I get 5 brand new people, but thankful a couple more kingslayers. After the second attempt for the night one of the lesser healers suddenly says they have to go and drops group. No biggie as our awesome priest from the night before had logged on and we get her into the group.  We are doing great and get LK to 20% before we have some bad luck and people died. After that we had more bad luck for a couple of attempts. Then finally, everything just clicked! The defiles were getting placed on the edge of the room, the valkyers were dying, no one died at all, it was simply perfect and we WON! After just 3 days of learning the fight we kicked his butt!

And because it was our first huge accomplisment as a guild and I really don't care that there were only 5 of us in the group in the guild I made sure to get a group picture!

It was a really good week for our little guild and now we can start working on all the hard modes we've been wanting to do.

And also, because I wanted to squee about this days ago and forgot, on Wednesday I finally finally managed to get my 100 mount achievement! I had to farm the heck out of champion seals to do it, but I finally did!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Drunken Scottsman

So for the past several days the hubby and I have had a song stuck in our heads. It isn't a bad song, in fact is a rather funny song, but it's about to drive us crazy as it just keeps playing over and over again in our heads.

Because of this I've decided that I want to share the song with all of you. There are no images in the YouTube below as there is no video for the song but please make sure you sound is on and have a listen.