Thursday, October 7, 2010

Restarting the Morning

I dislike mornings. I've never been a morning person. And mornings are not made any better when things are not working properly. Thus is the story for me this morning. Our lovely IT department has started the process of moving all our printers and work stations to a new server system. And of course lucky me gets to be a part of the test group that moved last night.

 Along with those of us in the test group having our work stations moved, the printers also moved to the new server last night. I had to completely shut down my computer last night which is something we normally only have to do if we know the power is going to be out in the building over the weekend. So this morning I have to start it up which takes forever because of all the security scripts that have to be run. So I wait around and twiddle my thumbs waiting on it. Finally I'm in and I see an email stating that everyone needs to restart their computer to load the new IPs for the printers to their workstations. Wonderful. So I tell my comp to restart and head to the cafeteria to grab some breakfast. Get back 10 mintues later, log on and check my printers. Hmm..they've not updated. So I delete the old printers that are there and restart again. Nothing again when it comes back up. So I send off and email to the helpdesk. The response lets us know that there was a problem with the test group but that they've fixed it and to restart again. So I restart my computer yet again. Note: Each restart takes 5-10 minutes. Everything comes back up, I still don't have printers. Send another email. "Oh I forgot to do yours" /sigh Emails me back 10 minutes later, "Ok restart again." So yet again I restart my computer. Yay! I have printers now...oh wait, they loaded the printers for the South end of the building but I sit on the North end. Send another email. 20 minutes later "Sorry! Restart again" OMG! I restart again and finally I have the printers I need to have set up on my computer. Of course the ones for the South end are still there but I'm not going to bother with it. I have the ones I need.

Between waiting on emails and restarting my computer I wasted nearly 2 hours this morning of not being able to do much. Though I did get a ways read in my book. But what a lovely morning huh? If it isn't one thing its another, and today it was restarting my computer 5 times.

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