Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Once again it's Monday and I'm at work. Not to far into the day yet only 10 am, but I've nothing better to do right now. The weekend was calm and stress free. Didn't really do anything though. Didn't get my hair cut like I was hoping to. It doesn't cost much to have it done, but with the way money is right now its one of the things I'll just have to deal with out right now. I don't think its quite long enough for me to be able to do a donation to Locks of Love yet anyways and still keep it past my shoulders. Probably be there by the end of the summer though.

Didn't get anything done about my tire either.  When it comes to weekends the hubby and I always avoid leaving the house. We're both stuck in stressful jobs all week long so when the weekend comes neither of us want to do anything but hang around the house and relax. I can say I got the laundry done though. It's the one thing I actually make sure gets done every week, well at least in the way of clothes. Towels is another story but we have tons of those.

We had some excitement around the appartment this week too. The ones we live in are set up in a C shape around a parking lot. We're in the top of the C. Straight across from us in the bottom of the C it seems there have been some domestic troubles. No clue what about, but each day this week we came home to police cars in the parking lot, one time a guy who looked to be in his mid 20's was handcuffed at the front of one of them. Friday shortly after we got home they had somehow called the fire department. 3 red engines and a fire chief blazer were all parked outside with the firemen knocking on the same apartment as before. Then the police were back again on Sunday. Normally our neighborhood is pretty quiet, so this is about as exciting as it gets.

I wasn't able to sleep at all last night either. I had put the email about layoffs out of my mind most of the weekend and just relaxed. Then last night as I was heading to bed it all came back. I guess the thoughts about having to get up early for work made me think about them. I stressed myself out and tossed and turned all night. It also doesn't help that its been cloudy and raining all weekend. I really need some sunshine.

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