Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunny Skies, Cool Breezes and Cinnamon Rolls!

Sunny Skies, Cool Breezes and Cinnamon Rolls! main photo

Today is the weekly farmers market and there are many more vendors there today than the past couple of weeks since the season has officially started now.

I was already planning on going over there, but as I was heading to the ATM for some cash a co-worker walks past me and lets me know that there are fresh strawberries there. !! I love strawberries, and its actually quite rare for them to be at our market. So I double time it to the ATM then out the door to walk down the street. Of course the vendor that has them is all the way at the end of the row, but no matter, he had tons of strawberries. $4 for a quart or $10 for 3 quarts. I only bought one, but I was really tempted to go for the 3.

After that I knew I wanted to stop the bread vendor and the honey vendor. The bread guy always has fresh scones in the morning and I was planning on getting one of those, but something else caught my eye. Fresh Cinnamon Rolls! This is new so I had to get one! I also picked up a loaf of 10 grain bread. I was torn between that and the honey wheat, but we are planning on making tuna later in the week and I think the 10 grain would work better for it. My hubby got me hooked on tuna with apples in it. Growing up tuna sandwiches always just had tuna and mayo. I wasn't much of a relish person. Now I love it with relish and apple both. So yummy!

My last stop was the honey guy. Sometimes I'll go to the market just to go to his booth. I picked up 5 honey sticks in sour strawberry, sour watermelon, cinnamon (x2) and clover. The hubby doesn't eat honey so I don't bother to buy more than that. I didn't see any of his honey paste there today though or I would have bought some of it. Strawberries pureed with honey is soo yummy! He also has honey soaps, lotions, chap stick, and other things. And today he had some fresh gooseberries.

I was also looking for some zucchini today too, but didn't see any. Probably too early in the year yet for it. All of a sudden yesterday I decided that I want zucchini cake even though I've never made it. Probably a good thing I didn't find any to buy as I still need to look up a recipe. I was also tempted to stop by the apple stand and buy some apple cider doughnuts. They are so yummy also, but I decided that the cinnamon roll was enough for today.

So I'm in a happy mood as I have yummy goodies. The week is half over. Hubby's last day of work is today, then he's on a break for the summer.

Monday, May 24, 2010

How not to save a Tree

How not to save a Tree main photo

I try not to rant about my job and my boss here too much. I don't want my blog to be so full of negativity, but this is something I need to bitch about as it happens regularly.

I don't pretend to be a nature enthusiast, I don't recycle, and my car is defiantly not green. But it still bugs me when people are wasteful with out a second thought.  Especially when it effects the budget at my workplace that is so far in the whole we are facing layoffs again.

A large portion of my job revolves around printing out documents for my boss. For some reason she is unable to review these documents on the computer like most of the rest of the people in this office. So I'm constantly printing stuff off for her, most of which she never even reads or looks at, but she needs the items for her meetings. I do my best to print double sided and black and white to save ink. Despite what the companies that do color print tell you, printing in color does cost more when a color printer takes 4 ink toners that all cost the same amount as the single ink toner needed for a black and white printer.

Now my boss seems to think that if there is one single spec of color in a document it needs to be printed in color. I don't know why, but that's how she thinks. I've gotten into the habit that no matter if there is color in the document or not I do NOT print in color unless she specifically asks for it. Well today she sent me 2 documents to print, in color. Both of these documents were 50+ pages long! And the worse part is that my color printer will not print double sided. I've had one of our IT guys look at it, as he says it should be able to, but it just won't do it. So that's 100 wasted sheets of paper to print off two nearly identical documents that she'll probably never actually look at.

And what does she do when she finally cleans these 100s of pages off her desk? She throws them in the trash! We have a recycle program in our building. There are bins in 2 places on our floor alone. 3 small ones for plastic, newspaper, cans, and then a very large dumpster for white paper. Most of the employees here keep boxes under their desks to toss paper into rather than tossing it in their trash. This saves them from getting up to go to the dumpster every time. They can just fill the box then make a single trip. But not my boss. No. She just tosses it all in the trash after its sat on her desk for months.

Under normal circumstances this wouldn't bother me all that much. But the fact that the agency is looking in every nook and cranny for ways to save money in the hopes of not having to let people go, and here she is wasting paper and ink and who knows what else (though time comes to mind). I'm sure she isn't worried about any of this one bit since she can hide behind her "disabled" label and probably not have to worry being one of the ones let go. It just frustrates me so much to see her constant neglect and disregard for things that others around here take seriously.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just another long Thursday

Just another long Thursday main photo

Nothing really going on today but thought I'd try to write up something since I didn't post anything yesterday. The picture up above is exactly how I feel right now. It's been raining for days and I'm really starting to miss the sunshine. They say we'll get some tomorrow, so here's keeping my fingers crossed.

I've been rather bored at home too. World of Warcraft just doesn't excite me much since I've not been raiding. And lately many of my friends in the game haven't been logging on much either. Least not during the week. It's ok though as I was wanting to spend less time in the game. Only problem is that there isn't much else to do around the house. Maybe tonight I'll play the Wii again. I haven't played it in a few days and 100 pin bowling sounds kinda fun right now. If I'm lucky I'll be able to talk the hubby into playing with me. So we'll see. It'll depend on if I find anything I really want to watch on TV first.

I still have about an hour left of work and nothing to do. Well I take that back, I have some really boring hole punching and filing I need to do. But I find it hard to get into doing mindless tasks like that. Though it serves me right as I have a ton to do cause I've been putting it off for so long. This is the first day this week that my boss didn't piss me off, so that's a good thing too.

Tomorrow is Friday, end of the week. I can't wait.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From the Mind of a Child

From the Mind of a Child main photo
My husband works at a grade school with special needs children. Some of them are physically challenged and some mentally. But they are generally bright kids.

This week at school they have just been doing busy fun work to wind down the school year which ends next week. They've been working their way through an activity book. One of the activities today was to trace their hand for a picture. The kid he was working with today had no problem with this task and they moved on. On the next page the activity was for them to draw a self portrait. This one was a bit more challenging to explain. Him and the other teacher told him he needs to draw himself, his head and arms and such. So taking the lesson from drawing his hand, he plops his face down on the paper and hold the crayon up to my hubby saying "Draw draw!". My hubby and the other teacher couldn't do anything but laugh at first. When after a few minutes they hadn't done the requested drawing the kid looked up at them said "draw draw!" again then plopped his face back down. They managed to control their laughter this time and drew around his head for him so that he could complete his picture. Only a child would think to do it that way.

I just had to share this story today because after a long boring day at work this made me laugh and put me in a good mood!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Once again it's Monday and I'm at work. Not to far into the day yet only 10 am, but I've nothing better to do right now. The weekend was calm and stress free. Didn't really do anything though. Didn't get my hair cut like I was hoping to. It doesn't cost much to have it done, but with the way money is right now its one of the things I'll just have to deal with out right now. I don't think its quite long enough for me to be able to do a donation to Locks of Love yet anyways and still keep it past my shoulders. Probably be there by the end of the summer though.

Didn't get anything done about my tire either.  When it comes to weekends the hubby and I always avoid leaving the house. We're both stuck in stressful jobs all week long so when the weekend comes neither of us want to do anything but hang around the house and relax. I can say I got the laundry done though. It's the one thing I actually make sure gets done every week, well at least in the way of clothes. Towels is another story but we have tons of those.

We had some excitement around the appartment this week too. The ones we live in are set up in a C shape around a parking lot. We're in the top of the C. Straight across from us in the bottom of the C it seems there have been some domestic troubles. No clue what about, but each day this week we came home to police cars in the parking lot, one time a guy who looked to be in his mid 20's was handcuffed at the front of one of them. Friday shortly after we got home they had somehow called the fire department. 3 red engines and a fire chief blazer were all parked outside with the firemen knocking on the same apartment as before. Then the police were back again on Sunday. Normally our neighborhood is pretty quiet, so this is about as exciting as it gets.

I wasn't able to sleep at all last night either. I had put the email about layoffs out of my mind most of the weekend and just relaxed. Then last night as I was heading to bed it all came back. I guess the thoughts about having to get up early for work made me think about them. I stressed myself out and tossed and turned all night. It also doesn't help that its been cloudy and raining all weekend. I really need some sunshine.