Friday, April 16, 2010

I Have a Blorum!

I have a Blorum! main photo
So I had a forum that never really got going so I thought "I'll turn it into a Blorum". Then as I was working on the skin and different changes I decided to move it to a whole new place and start fresh with an easier URL than the one my old board had.

So I've opened up Simply Blue. I'm sure I'll end up making more changes in the future but for now I have it where I like it enough to open it to the public. There youl'll find a section where I've shared some of my poetry plus a section for me to blog about my online gaming. These 2 areas are closed to new posts, but are open for comments. More could be added in the future, we'll see.

The Frozen Rose Inn is open for new posts though, so if you stop by feel free to leave a hello there, or if you are short on time, plop it in the chat box :)

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