Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BlueRose, Red Nose

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It's that time of year again. Time for me to get my spring head cold and sinus infection. I don't have the infection yet, but this is normally how it all starts for me. The stuffiness started last night, I woke up barely able to breath without coughing and I've been blowing my nose non stop since about 9am. And wouldn't ya know, I'm out of tissues at work. I actually ran out about 2 weeks ago and kept forgetting to buy more while at the store. And before you ask, no work does not provide us with any. They don't even provide us with paper towels or cups in the break room. I think the only reason we have toilet paper in the bathrooms is because that is paid for by the building facilities and not the individual agencies who rent out the offices here.

So I've had to resort to blowing my nose on the sand paper like, 1-ply toilet paper that is provided in the bathrooms. Not only is it to thin for a good solid blow, but its so rough my nose feels like I've taken a sander to it. This is just mild so far though. When I was in college I worked in a grocery store and they didn't provide tissues either so I resorted to blowing my nose on thick paper towels. At one point my nose was so raw that it the skin had to scab over to heal. It never bled, but it was about the equivilant of a skinned knee but on my nose.

And to be honest, even this wouldn't really make me feel like crap all that much if I wasn't just getting back to work after missing the last 2 days plus Monday, Tuesday and Friday of last week due to my IBS and a major migraine that had me sticking to my bed for most of the day those days. So in my 2 week pay period I've worked a total of 3 days and if I make it in tomorrow and Friday I'll have only worked 5 of 10 days. My paycheck is going to be a very sad one. Thankfully its on a 2 week delay so the one I get tomorrow will be a full check and have enough in it to cover May rent with some left over for groceries. It's the paying of the bills 2 weeks later that will be rough. Normally Brian's paycheck goes to that, but with mine being so small we'll have to use some of his for groceries.

At least my day is going pretty fast. It's already 2pm, just a few more hours of work to go. I've managed to keep myself fairly entertained today even though I've had basically no real work to do.

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