Thursday, March 4, 2010

Maybe I'll try this...

So it isn't like I haven't tried to do blogs before. I have. But my life just isn't interesting enough for me to keep it updated. So I'll put this here and it'll probably be the only thing I ever post.

Not like anyone will read it anyways. Other than maybe Zoe. Everyone I know who would even look at my profile has drifted away from yuku for one reason or another. Life is like that. Hell even I'm not really around. But I think it's more reactionary for me. People stopped coming by FK, so nothing new was being posted, so I had nothing to read or comment on, so I started stopping by less and less. I've not bothered trying to find another community to join either. I don't have a lot of time for RP and I don't know what other type of forum would even be interesting. That and I'm not good meeting new people. Took me a week just to work up the courage to post at FK the first time.

*pauses* Hmm...guess I had more to say than I thought for this. But don't get your hopes up, this is a rare event.

Well have a good day and a good life and maybe I'll talk to you soon. :)

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