Thursday, January 8, 2015

Resolution Run Pt 2

45615c4f7ca4ae7c4207cd5853b1e40c3b20ccd_Time for Part 2 of my Resolution Run!

As you may remember, back in September my husband and I signed up to do a 5k run on December 31, 2014 call the Resolution Run. It is a beer run that is done every year on New Years Eve.
The last 3 months of training for this race did NOT go as planned. Brian, in an attempt to start running, did too much and strained his knee. That put him out of even walking for a couple of weeks. And me being lazy wouldn't walk without him. I did start walking a bit more at work but that only lasted until it got cold out. After that I couldn't be bothered. Plus who likes losing half of their lunch break let alone to go out into the cold? That and the holiday's put my weight back up a bit but only a bit.
Now, time for pictures!


I am not a good selfie taker, I'm not one of those kids who grew up with a camera phone in hand and just never really got the hang of it. This is of course me in my bib. On the back side is a tracker that starts and stops your time in their system as well as a GPS chip. Of course the GPS isn't important for a 5k so much but those doing the half marathon the next day would be using the same bibs and it is important for those long runs.


My sister and me, I'm the one with the goofy look on my face. Remember I said I don't take selfies very well. The mug of course has beer in it as this was a beer run. There was a keg in the room where we gathered before the start so anyone who wanted to could start drinking early. I had half a mug. There were also 3 stops along the run where people could stop and have another beer. Brian and I did not stop, neither of us really wanted the beer and it would have just slowed our time down. I did have another beer after we finished.


We finished the race in 56 minutes. That was a big deal for us. Most people finished in around 30 minutes, even those who stopped to drink. The fastest people finished in 16 minutes. I was just so happy to have finished in under and hour. We did walk most of the way but managed a bit of jogging here and there, especially when going down hill. I nearly cried when we crossed the finish line as I was so happy to be done and to have completed it fully. The medal there is very nice. Made of metal of some sort and rather heavy. I nice souvenir of my first 5k!


After the race we were treated to a bowl of chili which I devoured along with a beer. I was so hungry. That biscuit you see there is corn bread and it was very good.
Over all I am very proud of how well we did and the fact that we went through with it and completed it even though we really weren't ready for it. It gives me encouragement to sign up for another one this spring and to try and do better.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Exercise (or lack there of) Update - October 24


This past month has not been a good month. I've not posted any updates recently because there simply hasn't been any progress on my end. At the moment my weight is nearly exactly where it was a month ago. In fact some days it is up. I simply have not been able to get below 290lbs. But it is my own fault. The image above explains some of it. If I have a bad day I end up just going ahead and making it a "really" bad day. And I need to stop doing that.

The other issue is that my walking has been sporadic at best. Several weeks ago the hubby got sick and we slacked off walking until he felt better. Then shortly after that he sprained his knee trying to start running. He was barely able to walk for about 2 weeks. And because I don't like to walk alone I of course wasn't walking either. His knee has been better for a couple of weeks now but we've not gotten back into walking regularly. We've been going to the zoo on the weekend still, we've even increased it to both Saturday and Sunday but when that is basically all we are doing during the week it isn't enough.

I can't even blame the weather. It has been absolutely beautiful here. Temps in the mid to upper 70s, sunshine, just near perfect. I've been trying to walk more during my lunch again to make up for us not walking in the evenings but even that isn't working out as I'd like. The last two times that I've gone I've only been able to manage one lap through the parking garage instead of my normal two. I'm starting to get shin splints and by the time I'm half way through the first lap I can barely keep going. In my mind I want to keep going but I can't force my legs to actually keep moving.

I wonder if it is because of the ramps in the garage? They are not terribly steep and I've been walking in there because it does give more of a work out than just walking down the street but I'm thinking I need to change tactics for a while. Today I'm going to skip the garage and just walk outside, maybe see if I can make it to the park and back before my lunch break is up. If I can make a 40 minute walk on flat ground I may have to go back to just that for a while and save the garage for when the weather actually turns colder.

Even to me all of this sounds like just a bunch of excuses and that I should just get off my duff, work through the pain and use some will power when my husband comes home with a bag of candy. I keep telling myself this. Every day I tell myself this. I look at my weight and I tell myself "it your own fault those numbers are not moving". I know it is, but there are still days when I simply can't make myself do anything, no matter how much I know I should.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Life Update

So I figured I'd take a few minutes to post an update about what has been going on. It seems like I've been busy yet when I think about I can't really thing of much. We've been going to the zoo most every weekend since I bought a membership. I have taken more lovely pictures of the animals but to be honest they are not much different than the ones I've already shared.

This past weekend we went to the Mosley Street Melodrama and caught their uncensored show. Was very good and will have to do it again. No pictures from that, and even if I had some they wouldn't be appropriate to share! We'll probably wait until the Christmas show starts though.

We also hit up the local Renaissance Fair the weekend before which was a lot of fun. The hubby bought a replica of the sword "Sting" from Lord of the Rings. And I got a sunburn! Here are a few pictures from it...






And it seems you can't have a Renaissance Fair anymore with out the Doctor showing up.


I also made a cake for a friend who has a lot of food allergies. Here are the ingredients I used...


And here is the finished product...


She let me know that it was terrible! I tried, I really tried! She's going to try and see if she can improve it. I gave her the recipe I used as well as the original that I altered. I hope she can figure out a way to make it work.

And as a finale, here is my niece, Rylee. She insisted on being able to carry the chair herself even though it is nearly the same size as her. She did a good job of it too!


Monday, September 22, 2014

My New Activity Tracker

For a while now I've wanted to buy an activity tracker, one that I can wear on my wrist. Pedometers require  you to remember to attach them to your clothing and I'm not good about remembering stuff like that. Problem is there are still a lot of choices when it comes to wearable activity trackers. Some of the most popular are Jawbone and Fitbit and I was looking seriously at the Runtastic Orbit since I use their apps but I kept waffling on which one I wanted. The Runtastic one is completely water proof and comes with 2 bands and the ability to put it into a clip if you want. But I had also been looking at the Samsung Gear Fit which is what I have decided to go with.
It is part activity tracker, part smart phone assistant. It is a pedometer and workout tracker and has a built in heart rate monitor, but it also has a timer, a stop watch, and can control some of the apps and media on my phone. So, while I'll still need my phone with me for GPS and music while working out, I can control all of it from my wrist and not have to dig my phone out of my pocket. I can also check text messages and emails from it, as well as see incoming calls. Though I can't answer or reply to any of it. But it allows me to know if I need to rush across the apartment for my phone when it starts ringing or if I can just let it go. All alerts are accompanied by it vibrating. It also has sleep tracking like so many of the others and ties into my phones alarms which is really nice since I use my phone as an alarm clock. When the alarm goes off it simply buzzes me awake.

It is very light weight and I can change the background to anything I want as I have already done. The clock can be changed to look different and there are more apps you can get to change it farther. It is also water and dust resistant and the main piece pops out of the band to allow for other colors if desired.
The reason I decided to go with this one even though it currently doesn't connect with the Runtastic apps is because like a phone or tablet, it can receive updates. Which means that's its functionality will continue to improve without me having to buy a new one.
The only issue I'm having is that I've not worn a watch or bracelet regularly for so long that it feels out of place on my wrist. But that is something that I will get used to with time so I am very happy with it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Running Shoes

This is getting serious! Hubby and I decided since we will be running a 5k and in general trying to actually jog that we needed real shoes that are made to do the job! 
These are what I got, Saucony Ride 7. The picture doesn't do them justice as the colors are a lot brighter. The yellow is very neon. Brian got a different brand and his are neon orange. They didn't have black ones in his size but he says he's ok with the orange. As for me, I'm just glad mine are not hot pink!
They are going to take a bit for me to get used to as I've not worn shoes that actually have laces in a couple of years. Plus these go up around my ankle more (as they should) than what I am used to. It's new all around but I am determined!
I actually jogged a very short distance in them last night and was happy that I was able to. It's been so long since I've tried to do any running that I wasn't sure my body would remember how! But it did. So soon we'll be starting a C25K program to get us up to being able to at least job a full 5k even if we can't flat out run it.